Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Missionary

Somehow the day of "Future Missionary" has arrived.
 Parker's bank was sitting on the counter in the kitchen and made me cry.  All his life he's been saving for a mission and talking about the day that he would go.  That day was finally here, and even though we were very happy for him, we were also sad too!

He was set apart by our Stake President, President March on Monday night at about 9:00 pm.  President March gave him a beautiful blessing.  We were blessed to have our immediate family as well as Grandma and Grandpa Romer, Uncle Drew and Aunt Tina, as well as Victoria there.
 Tuesday morning we were able to go to the Oakland temple.  Grandpa wanted a picture with Parker.  He had a picture as he was leaving for his mission with his Grandpa and wanted to have one with Parker as well.
 Parker and mom.  Glad that the Oakland temple is open again!
 Good-bye Bay Area!
Tuesday afternoon we had a short family meeting and family prayer before heading off to the airport to fly to SLC.  (A few tears ... okay a lot, were shed as we said good-bye for two years)! About a  month ago, Travis got an email moving Parker's report date to the MTC from August 5th to August 12th.  We were in Utah the week of the 5th, but since the date got changed we decided to fly out with Parker to take him to the MTC.  We arrived just before midnight on Tuesday.
 Wednesday morning we got up, ate breakfast and got showered.  Travis gave Parker a Father's blessing and Parker gave me (mom) a blessing.  What a special experience that was!
We took off to drive down to Provo to have lunch.
 We had lunch at The Pizza Factory in Provo.  There were other missionary families there as well having one last meal.  They gave us Parker's meal for free because he was reporting to the MTC that day.
 A quick picture before getting in the car to drive him to the MTC. 
 We pulled into the MTC and it was time to drop him off.  The elder who escorted Parker offered to take one last picture of us. We did good .... no tears until it was time to give one last hug! 
 One last wave and off he walked for the next two years.
 We are so excited for him and know he will learn and grow and be an influence for good wherever he goes!  We love you Elder Burr!  See you soon!

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