Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! Hope that you all have a great Halloween today! They don't have it here in Bonaire so we'll have to find some candy somewhere or something!

This week was a pretty crazy week... Hardly anything went to plan at all, It was a little rough, but what can you do? Not going to mention any numbers or anything, but let's just say that we had more flat tires than lessons this week. It was a struggle but we tried our hardest and that is all that the Lord can ask of us so we know that we are still being successful even if the numbers don't say so sometimes. We talked to some cool people this week and even though almost no one gave us their information this week, the few that did all seem pretty awesome and are all from the Netherlands! So that was a big miracle for sure! We had a really cool lesson with Sister Carti about the Plan of Salvation and it was just so great because her knowledge of the gospel is just so good and she just gets it. She's sharing the gospel with her husband as well and is seeing a change in him. She's awesome!! We also had a lesson with Omar where we talked about the importance of a testimony and he expressed his desire to continue to strengthen his testimony and wanted to find ways to continue to strengthen it. He's a good kid and we played some good basketball. He's a pretty gifted athlete and we had a good game of 2 on 2 going. Super fun to actually play some good basketball! Church went really well and the talks were on Family Home Evening and Home Teaching and they went super well! The Spirit was there and we were all spiritually uplifted. That was most of our week this week. Oh yeah! And this morning, we got up early and the 4 missionaries headed down to the national park and we all went and hiked up and watched the sun rise! Pretty sweet and it was gorgeous! That was a super good time! 

That was most of our week and we are excited to see many miracles this upcoming week! The harder the times get, the greater the miracles, so we're going to see some huge ones this week! One thing that I learned this week was the importance of accepting the Lord's timing in everything and recognizing the importance of patience. Oftentimes, we want people converted now and we don't see the eternal scheme of things. We read a lot in the scriptures about how people being converted to the church is comparable to harvesting fruit. What would happen though if we harvested the fruit when we never gave it a chance to grow. There's no point in harvesting seeds or plants that aren't ripe yet! Every little seed that we plant is important and every little increase to the plant that we make helps it get closer to getting ripe! We're planting lots of seeds and it's helping these fruits grow! Stay positive and happy though everything because no effort is wasted!

Love you all and hope that you have a great week! Lobi!
~Elder Burr

 (I asked him about his tag saying Elder Christianson ... He said it's his Halloween Costume) 

 Yeah, it was sweet!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Zone Conference!

Hey everyone! Hope all is well and that you're getting excited about the Christmas season coming up! It's basically already here which is nuts! 2017 here we come!

We had a good week this past week! I'll write some highlights that we had! On Tuesday we had a super good lesson with Genesis (one of the members) about faith and she was really struggling but really opened up to us and let us know what was bothering her. It was really cool to see that trust and to be able to help someone who was down. Also on that day we saw Wing (an investigator) and had a really good lesson on the Restoration and he seemed pretty open and interested in the message! To cap that night, we finally saw the Albus family (the best members ever) and talked about God with them and it was so spiritual and crazy! They are just the best family ever and it was so good to have that lesson with them that was long delayed. Wednesday night I flew to Curacao to go on exchanges with the missionaries there. My passport is getting filled up little by little! Kinda fun to travel so much even though it takes a lot of time. Thursday we were with Elder Polanco and Elder Walton and it was great! Most of the day I was with Elder Walton and it was cool to see how much he had grow since the last time! Great missionary and we had a cool lesson with Sister Ester who fed us as well which was a bonus! Couldn't understand a lot of it, but I tried my best to speak with her and it was cool to try to speak Spanish there! That night I went with Elder Polanco and it was great as well! He's a stud missionary and just super humble and is going to do great things! Friday we had zone conference in Curacao and it was amazing! We talked about Our Purpose as missionaries and about Power and Authority and it was just so good! Learned a lot about how important it is to have faith and not doubt and it was just great overall. Elder Sheppard and I got to teach a little bit in it as well which went super well and the Spirit was there. We talked about the importance of not only preparing investigators, but preparing members for baptism so that we can have the best spiritual experience possible. Super cool. Saturday Elder Peterson (one of the assistants) came teaching with us for the day and we had such a good lesson with her on the Plan of Salvation. She's so awesome and the spirit was just so strong. We also had our interviews with President Egbert and those are always amazing. We talked a lot about the future of the branch and group here and it was great! Finally Sunday was awesome with church. Brother Mens gave the lesson in the second hour on obedience and did an amazing job. The Dutch group is just amazing! That was our week for the most part!

I love the gospel and it is so important to always keep on living the gospel. Don't ever be afraid to open your mouth because you never know who's live you will change forever! Keep on doing your best and relying on the Lord because that's what is important! You all are awesome! Love you all!

~Elder Burr
 I am so bad at taking pictures! I always forget! Sorry!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Bonaire Days

Hey everyone! Fawaka?! Haven't been able to say that for a while since I'm not in Suriname! Not going to lie, I do miss it! Hope that you all are doing great!

It's been a pretty good week this past week, a bit of a struggle, but we're working our hardest so we know that we're doing all that we can. We are now in a new contact area since we finished the last one and this one is very high Dutch population which has been very nice. So the majority of the people we talk to now are Dutch, now the hard part is having them listen to us at all since most of them just say, "not interested" and close the door. So it was hard having people to talk to and listen to us, but there were a few so we were greatly blessed because of that! The miracles still come and we're so grateful because of it.

Been a struggle since the two families that we were teaching, (Rosemary and Raul, and the Vos family) both dropped us... Pretty sad, but it's all in the Lord's hands and I'm sure that they will accept the gospel some day. We taught a new person named Marion yesterday and it was one of the best lessons that I've had here in Bonaire. It was really guided by the Spirit and he was a little against us at first, but by the end, he was pumped about the Book of Mormon and he said that he's really going to read and pray about it. He's searching for the truth which is so cool. Very excited for him and he's lived in the Netherlands his whole life and is now living here. Very exciting! Sister Noij just got put on the 21 Day Challenge as well and we are PUMPED for that because she's super excited! One thing that she said is that it has always been her dream that her husband could baptized her daughter. The sweetest desire ever and she has so much faith so I'm confident that miracles will come from it. 

That was most of our week and I've been studying a lot on faith lately and the importance of having true faith and it was really cool reading in Ether 12 about the many miracles that come from great faith. I've been really trying to help others grow their faith so that they can see the miracles and have also been attempting to develop it in myself. Faith is the first principle of the gospel and you act based on your faith. My faith has definitely grown this week and it's such a good attribute! As we do God's will, our faith will grow and it's as simple as that sometimes. Make sure that we are truly living the gospel and the faith will increase, often without us recognizing it. Faith leads to that action so more faith means more righteous actions. Keep on increasing that faith!

Love you all and I really appreciate the support and prayers. They are felt! Ik hou van jullie allemaal!
Jullie zijn geweldig! Lobi!

~Elder Burr
Me! Forgot to take pictures... Whoops!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Bonaire Days

Hey everyone! Hope that you all are doing awesome! Life is good, life is good.

We had a good week this past week overall. Not too much new things happened. We're still contacting lots of people here just trying to find the Dutch people and then the Dutch people that are willing to listen to us. Pretty fun stuff. We have a new family that we taught for the first time this past week! They are family Vos and are very good friends with members from Stasia (or however you spell it). They are super cool! They're very adamant that they are never going to convert, but hey, that's what everyone says at the start. The fact that they let us come over and said that we could come back is pretty big. We brought Sister Mens and Lilian with us to the lesson and Sister Mens killed it! Bore such a powerful testimony that this is the truth and answered every question that they had with no problem at all. Her testimony is so strong! Hard to imagine that she's only been a member for less than 3 months. Super cool. We taught our members more this week and they're all great as always and just such strong members. We had a good lesson with Sister Carti, a less active, and she came to conference and gained a strong testimony on reading the Book of Mormon every day. So she's read every day now, came to church again on Sunday and is loving the gospel. Big miracle there for sure. One sad thing that happened is that Raul and Rosemary (another family that we were teaching) dropped us on Saturday. Sister Noij came with us and it was a really good lesson, but at the end, they said that they didn't want to get the lessons anymore. Super sad just because we knew how much the gospel would bless their family and we wanted it so bad for them. One of these days in the future, they'll accept the gospel though but it was still a little sad. But the work goes on! No use in being down because that's not going to solve any problems, So we're still working hard and trying to find the people that are ready to accept the gospel. Overall it was a good week though!

I've studied a lot on charity lately and it's been cool to see the love that our Savior has for us. That love in undescribable and just infinite. As we look outwards instead of inwards and try to see others through God's eyes is where the true charity starts coming in. Keep on serving others and you'll have so much more happiness. Let us all press on! Love you all! Lobi!

~Elder Burr
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 Donkey friends
Some Elder named Elder Burr

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hurricane??? No Way!

Hey everyone! Hope that you all had an awesome week! We had a fun one here that was yet again, crazy!

So a hurricane apparently was supposed to hit us but it barely nicked us if anything. We got a few minutes of rain (maybe 5) and that was pretty much it. They made us stay in for safety though which was a good thought, but it wasn't really needed since that would be like the weakest rain that I've had on my mission so far. Pretty tame but we were almost in a hurricane which would've been pretty crazy! Aruba got hit a little bit in the coast and the power went out for a bit, but didn't get hit very hard and Curacao also hardly got hit at all. That was a big blessing though and we're all grateful that it did not hit us!

I'm staying in Bonaire which I figured, but I thought that there was a chance that I might go back to Suriname and that Elder Hardy would come here since he is in Guyana right now, but the Lord had other plans. Bonaire is great though and I do really love it here. Wonderful place to serve and I've learned and grown a LOT since I've been here. Things are going alright here. Kind of a tough week since we had the one day inside and conference took out a lot of proselyting, but it was good at the same time. Lots of contacting and trying to set up appointments, but every one of them fell through this week, so getting new investigators has been a bit of a struggle. We're trying our best though and that is all that the Lord can ask. We do have quite a few appointments set up with new people this week so we are very excited for that and are praying that they will go through! Elder Christianson is a stud and we've worked well together and have had no real problems at all. Great missionary and is super funny! Hilarious person haha. 

Conference was AMAZING! Such a spiritual feast and boost. There wasn't a single talk in any of the sessions that I didn't like. It was absolutely incredible! I really enjoyed the two talks about prayer because that helped me a lot to evaluate my prayers and to see what I could do better with them. It was an answer to my prayer and I can't wait to get the conference magazine now and to start studying it! Super excited. The whole conference was just incredible though and that final song on the last session was unreal! Let us all press on! One of the best songs that I've ever heard them sing I'm pretty sure! Conference is the best!!

We had a really cool experience this last week where we prayed to find an elect family as we went out to proselyte and a house went into my head that we should go contact. So we went to the house, and talked to the father that lives there and he already had a Book of Mormon from other missionaries and was willing to let us come back and share a lesson with his family. Huge miracle and testimony builder that there are people ready. I don't know if he will accept the gospel or not, but the Lord is preparing people and we are planting seeds with all of the people that we talk to. No effort that we make as missionaries is wasted, so we need to keep on working diligently and with exact obedience especially when the times are tough and it seems like no one wants to listen. There are always people ready and my testimony of that grew a lot this past week. Missionary work is the best!

God loves you all and Christ lives! Keep on reading the Book of Mormon every day! Love you all and have a great week! Lobi!

~Elder Burr