Monday, October 10, 2016

Bonaire Days

Hey everyone! Hope that you all are doing awesome! Life is good, life is good.

We had a good week this past week overall. Not too much new things happened. We're still contacting lots of people here just trying to find the Dutch people and then the Dutch people that are willing to listen to us. Pretty fun stuff. We have a new family that we taught for the first time this past week! They are family Vos and are very good friends with members from Stasia (or however you spell it). They are super cool! They're very adamant that they are never going to convert, but hey, that's what everyone says at the start. The fact that they let us come over and said that we could come back is pretty big. We brought Sister Mens and Lilian with us to the lesson and Sister Mens killed it! Bore such a powerful testimony that this is the truth and answered every question that they had with no problem at all. Her testimony is so strong! Hard to imagine that she's only been a member for less than 3 months. Super cool. We taught our members more this week and they're all great as always and just such strong members. We had a good lesson with Sister Carti, a less active, and she came to conference and gained a strong testimony on reading the Book of Mormon every day. So she's read every day now, came to church again on Sunday and is loving the gospel. Big miracle there for sure. One sad thing that happened is that Raul and Rosemary (another family that we were teaching) dropped us on Saturday. Sister Noij came with us and it was a really good lesson, but at the end, they said that they didn't want to get the lessons anymore. Super sad just because we knew how much the gospel would bless their family and we wanted it so bad for them. One of these days in the future, they'll accept the gospel though but it was still a little sad. But the work goes on! No use in being down because that's not going to solve any problems, So we're still working hard and trying to find the people that are ready to accept the gospel. Overall it was a good week though!

I've studied a lot on charity lately and it's been cool to see the love that our Savior has for us. That love in undescribable and just infinite. As we look outwards instead of inwards and try to see others through God's eyes is where the true charity starts coming in. Keep on serving others and you'll have so much more happiness. Let us all press on! Love you all! Lobi!

~Elder Burr
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