Monday, October 24, 2016

Zone Conference!

Hey everyone! Hope all is well and that you're getting excited about the Christmas season coming up! It's basically already here which is nuts! 2017 here we come!

We had a good week this past week! I'll write some highlights that we had! On Tuesday we had a super good lesson with Genesis (one of the members) about faith and she was really struggling but really opened up to us and let us know what was bothering her. It was really cool to see that trust and to be able to help someone who was down. Also on that day we saw Wing (an investigator) and had a really good lesson on the Restoration and he seemed pretty open and interested in the message! To cap that night, we finally saw the Albus family (the best members ever) and talked about God with them and it was so spiritual and crazy! They are just the best family ever and it was so good to have that lesson with them that was long delayed. Wednesday night I flew to Curacao to go on exchanges with the missionaries there. My passport is getting filled up little by little! Kinda fun to travel so much even though it takes a lot of time. Thursday we were with Elder Polanco and Elder Walton and it was great! Most of the day I was with Elder Walton and it was cool to see how much he had grow since the last time! Great missionary and we had a cool lesson with Sister Ester who fed us as well which was a bonus! Couldn't understand a lot of it, but I tried my best to speak with her and it was cool to try to speak Spanish there! That night I went with Elder Polanco and it was great as well! He's a stud missionary and just super humble and is going to do great things! Friday we had zone conference in Curacao and it was amazing! We talked about Our Purpose as missionaries and about Power and Authority and it was just so good! Learned a lot about how important it is to have faith and not doubt and it was just great overall. Elder Sheppard and I got to teach a little bit in it as well which went super well and the Spirit was there. We talked about the importance of not only preparing investigators, but preparing members for baptism so that we can have the best spiritual experience possible. Super cool. Saturday Elder Peterson (one of the assistants) came teaching with us for the day and we had such a good lesson with her on the Plan of Salvation. She's so awesome and the spirit was just so strong. We also had our interviews with President Egbert and those are always amazing. We talked a lot about the future of the branch and group here and it was great! Finally Sunday was awesome with church. Brother Mens gave the lesson in the second hour on obedience and did an amazing job. The Dutch group is just amazing! That was our week for the most part!

I love the gospel and it is so important to always keep on living the gospel. Don't ever be afraid to open your mouth because you never know who's live you will change forever! Keep on doing your best and relying on the Lord because that's what is important! You all are awesome! Love you all!

~Elder Burr
 I am so bad at taking pictures! I always forget! Sorry!

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