Monday, October 3, 2016

Hurricane??? No Way!

Hey everyone! Hope that you all had an awesome week! We had a fun one here that was yet again, crazy!

So a hurricane apparently was supposed to hit us but it barely nicked us if anything. We got a few minutes of rain (maybe 5) and that was pretty much it. They made us stay in for safety though which was a good thought, but it wasn't really needed since that would be like the weakest rain that I've had on my mission so far. Pretty tame but we were almost in a hurricane which would've been pretty crazy! Aruba got hit a little bit in the coast and the power went out for a bit, but didn't get hit very hard and Curacao also hardly got hit at all. That was a big blessing though and we're all grateful that it did not hit us!

I'm staying in Bonaire which I figured, but I thought that there was a chance that I might go back to Suriname and that Elder Hardy would come here since he is in Guyana right now, but the Lord had other plans. Bonaire is great though and I do really love it here. Wonderful place to serve and I've learned and grown a LOT since I've been here. Things are going alright here. Kind of a tough week since we had the one day inside and conference took out a lot of proselyting, but it was good at the same time. Lots of contacting and trying to set up appointments, but every one of them fell through this week, so getting new investigators has been a bit of a struggle. We're trying our best though and that is all that the Lord can ask. We do have quite a few appointments set up with new people this week so we are very excited for that and are praying that they will go through! Elder Christianson is a stud and we've worked well together and have had no real problems at all. Great missionary and is super funny! Hilarious person haha. 

Conference was AMAZING! Such a spiritual feast and boost. There wasn't a single talk in any of the sessions that I didn't like. It was absolutely incredible! I really enjoyed the two talks about prayer because that helped me a lot to evaluate my prayers and to see what I could do better with them. It was an answer to my prayer and I can't wait to get the conference magazine now and to start studying it! Super excited. The whole conference was just incredible though and that final song on the last session was unreal! Let us all press on! One of the best songs that I've ever heard them sing I'm pretty sure! Conference is the best!!

We had a really cool experience this last week where we prayed to find an elect family as we went out to proselyte and a house went into my head that we should go contact. So we went to the house, and talked to the father that lives there and he already had a Book of Mormon from other missionaries and was willing to let us come back and share a lesson with his family. Huge miracle and testimony builder that there are people ready. I don't know if he will accept the gospel or not, but the Lord is preparing people and we are planting seeds with all of the people that we talk to. No effort that we make as missionaries is wasted, so we need to keep on working diligently and with exact obedience especially when the times are tough and it seems like no one wants to listen. There are always people ready and my testimony of that grew a lot this past week. Missionary work is the best!

God loves you all and Christ lives! Keep on reading the Book of Mormon every day! Love you all and have a great week! Lobi!

~Elder Burr

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