Monday, September 26, 2016

Island Hopping!

Hey everyone! Are you all as excited for Conference as I am?!?!?! It's coming up!!!! So that's what I'm looking forward to so much!!! Doing my best to prepare for it and I can't wait for all of the wonderful speakers and the Spirit that we will feel! So yeah haha conference is the best!

This last week was yet again, Crazy!!! Elder Sheppard and I were on exchanges with the other Elders in our zone this whole week in different islands! First we headed to Aruba with Elder Munoz and Sarmiento. They are awesome and I had the opportunity to teach one of their recent converts who's first language is Dutch! That was really fun to teach and I feel like I was able to help her understand better so that was really sweet. We then headed with Elder Polanco and Tanner and they are studs! So humble, obedient and diligent! Really good time with them and we had some service with them for their branch President and that was a lot of fun! There was a pretty decent sized snake there which was crazy but cool because they caught it and we got to feel the scales and everything. Lots of fun and I got to practice my Spanish a lot which was also fun. Spanish is hard after you've learned Dutch! Just a whole different way of thinking altogether! They are wonderful Elders though. After that we headed to Curacao and they had a baptism! And guess who I saw there...? Zuster Parker and Zuster Vernes (Suriname missionaries)!! They are serving in Curacao right now because immigration in Suriname has been difficult lately so that was a nice surprise. I got to ask some questions about Suriname and it was great to speak some Dutch with them. The baptism was great though (sadly not on the beach, but still great) and very spiritual. I got to work with Elder Walton while Elder Rios and Sheppard worked together. We had a good lesson though with a returned missionary and Elder Walton is a stud. I learned a lot from these missionaries and I hope that I was able to help them with some things. Finally got back to Bonaire on Saturday and we did some service for Sister Carti and she came to church on Sunday which was awesome! Later that day, we had a lesson with our investigators Raul and Rosemary and we brought Zuster Noij with us. That was a miracle! Zuster Noij shared her conversion story and it brought the Spirit so strong and Rosemary said that she was really interested in our message and that she would read and pray about it. In other words, we're pumped!!! Finally Sunday was just so awesome. Zuster Noij and President Albus gave talks and Zuster Noij shared about missionary work and about how fun it is to do member missionary work. One of the best talks that I've heard on my mission. She's so wonderful! President Albus also gave a great talk on being thankful and it was also great. Everything was just so awesome! Great week and it's good to be back in my area now.

Man I have totally been able to see as well the importance on helping others and looking outwards. My testimony grew a lot on looking outwards this week as I looked outwards at the missionaries in my zone on exchanges. Super fun to serve them and to try to help them in their missionary work. Great experience and I learned how much more fun it is to focus on others than yourself. Keep on looking on what you can do to help someone's day and you will be so happy by doing it! One thing that I have been doing is praying every night to be the answer to someone's prayer the next day. The miracles have been so cool with that and has brought me so much happiness! I recommend it! Thanks for all that you do! Have a great week! Que pasa bon semana! Lobi!
~Elder Burr
 So ... we were still hungry after eating and had some more rice, so our brilliant idea was to put peanut butter, jam, caramel, sprinkles and whipped cream on top.  Tasted about as good as it looks.  Not great!

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