Monday, September 12, 2016

Parker forgot to send an email to the group!

(This is from his email to me, his mom.  I guess he forgot to send one to the whole group today!)
Man the weeks are just always crazy! Traveling all over the place is pretty fun, but EXHAUSTING at the same time, especially when you are flying with the airline: InselAir. They are notorious for getting delayed on every single flight and yep, on the four flights that I took, every single one of them was delayed. Yay!! It was an insane week though. Monday after emailing we flew to Curacao to spend the night there and while we were there, Elder Sheppard and I got the opportunity to go proselyting with each other for the night. We taught a less active who only speaks spanish and papiamento and who hasn't been to church for the last 10 years. I must have had the gift of tongues or something because I was able to understand her, be guided to a scripture by the Holy Ghost and share the scripture in the limited Spanish that I can remember (thank goodness for high school). After sharing that though, the Spirit was so strong and she did something crazy; she committed to come to church for the first time in 10 years! It was amazing and such a spiritual experience and a testimony builder in the gift of tongues. It's real! So that was just so awesome!

Tuesday, Elder Sheppard and I, Hermana Ramirez, and the Scotts all flew to Trinidad and we somehow fit all of us into a small car with all of our luggage. Pretty crazy. That flight to Trinidad got delayed by 6 hours so we were at the airport for 8 hours total! Elder Sheppard and I got the chance to get to know each other pretty well and I learned how awesome he is! He is a STUD. Elder Sheppard, Hermana Ramirez and I also prepared what we were going to talk about in Mission Leadership Conference for the next day. You don't get very much time to talk to each other when you are on different islands! That all went well though and I spent the night with a missionary that I knew in Guyana (Elder Steed and his companion).

Wednesday we headed to Mission Leadership Conference with all of the zone leaders, sister training leaders and senior couples and it was awesome! One of the highlights for sure was seeing the 6 Suriname missionaries and the senior couple! So good to see them again and to catch up a bit with all that is happening in Suriname! And boy is Suriname killing it! That was just so great. The Conference itself was super spiritual and we talked a lot about what our mission stands for and about the light of Christ. Everyone has the light of Christ within them because they all accepted Christ's plan before this life. All that we have to do now is help them feel the Spirit because the light of Christ and the Spirit will testify of the truthfulness of our message. So awesome! The conference was great and I got to get to know Elder Spjut who is another zone leader that I got to proselyte with for the rest of the day. Wonderful day.

Thursday we flew back and didn't get back until 11:30 at night because of yet more delays. Friday was getting back into the normal flow of things and Saturday was also sweet. We were contacting and got a call from President Albus to go try to fix some technical work at the church with the computers and things and on our way in doing that, one of our investigators's car had broken down and they were trying to push it back into their house. We had the opportunity to help them and build up that relationship a ton. The Lord truly did guide us there and let us have that miracle as well. And it turns out, that Sister Noij knows them! Miracles everywhere! District conference on Sunday was also great and talked a lot about the family. We also had the most spiritual lesson about God ever with this person that we found from the States whose parents are returning less actives! She's not a member yet and didn't believe in God, but by the end of the lesson she believed! So amazing. We've had so many spiritual experiences and have seen the tender mercies of the Lord in our missionary work. That was our week!
 Mission Leadership Conference in Trinidad
President and Sister Egbert (his mission president) and the senior couples.

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