Monday, September 19, 2016

The Tour!!!

Hey everyone! Apparently I forgot to send out a group email this last week! Whoops! My fault! Hopefully the pictures of this one makes up for it. As you can see, this place is beautiful, especially the water! Yet we cannot go in it... The struggle is real!

We had a crazy week! Monday we completely rearranged the apartment and cleaned up a TON (my mom would be proud of us ;) ), so that took up a ton of time but it was well worth it and the apartment looks way better now. Tuesday was AWESOME! The Albus's took us on an island tour with President and Sister Egbert and it was so cool! We got to learn a lot about the history of the island and also see the absolutely gorgeous water all over the place. Man Bonaire has amazing water! One day after my mission, I want to come back and dive here since it has some of the best diving in the world! The tour was super fun and it was great to spend some time with the Egberts! Wednesday, one spiritual experience that we had was with Sister Noij. We went over and talked about the first vision with her and man it was awesome. We asked her what she learned about God from the first vision and she immediately said like 5 things that she learned there. Her favorite though was the fact that no matter what darkness we may experience or when the times are hard, God will always overcome Satan. She said that that was super important for her and it gave her a lot of strength. It was really cool and Sister Noij is so wonderful and just the most charitable person ever! The members here are awesome!! We also had a sweet lesson with Sister Carti where we talked about God and were able to hear her testimony about why she believes in him and her conversion story. She has also been working on her husband who is not a member and he doesn't smoke or drink at all anymore which is a huge miracle! It was sweet. Friday was intense! We had the craziest service project ever where we had a 10 hour service project for the Albus family in taking down this giant shed and just cleaning everything. It was insane and also crazy hot! We actually went back on Saturday morning and finished it for them and I can say that that was the most insane service project that I've ever had. So worth it though because the Albus's were so happy and grateful and we're hoping to have a lesson with them soon. They are literally like the most busy people on the entire island and meeting with them is pretty tough! Super fun though and well worth it. Also on Saturday as we're taking stuff to the dump, we get a call from President Egbert saying that Elder Lewis needs to go back to Suriname and Elder Christianson is coming here to Bonaire since Elder Christianson was having trouble getting his visa for Suriname and the area presidency told President Egbert that he needed to leave! So I'm getting a new companion tomorrow. Crazy! I'll miss Elder Lewis a lot and I've learned so much from him but I'm also excited to serve with Elder Christianson as well. He's a stud. We'll work some miracles here! We also had a sweet lesson with Omar that night and talked to him about being a "mighty man in the Lord". He's a stud and I love that kid a lot! That was most of the highlights of this week and Elder Lewis is leaving tonight. Super fast but then again, this is a crazy mission!

I learned a lot this week about how important it is to be humble and to always look outwards instead of inwards and to truly look at others more than myself.  It was super humbling but so so good and exactly what I needed. It's amazing how the Lord can tell you exactly what you need to do better and how perfect it is and how much you can still improve. I have a long ways to still improve but one of the joys about the gospel is the fact that we get to improve each and every day! So grateful for that! Ether 12:27 is wonderful and it's so cool that we are all given weaknesses to be humble. Pride is the cause of spiritual destruction and it's so important to eliminate that from our lives. Something cool that I was thinking about this week.

I love you all and I hope that you are all doing great and changing people's lives each and every day. Don't forget to read those scriptures every day and to continually have spiritual experiences! Have a great week! Lobi!
~Elder Burr
 The Suriname group at the Missionary Leadership Conference

 Bonaire Island Tour

 President and Sister Egbert, Parker, Elder Lewis, Elder Galke & Elder Sheppard

 Elder Burr & Elder Lewis




PS - This picture came to me on Sunday morning via email with the following note: Just had church with your son!  I always loved pictures of my son while serving! He is great!

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