Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! Hope that you all have a great Halloween today! They don't have it here in Bonaire so we'll have to find some candy somewhere or something!

This week was a pretty crazy week... Hardly anything went to plan at all, It was a little rough, but what can you do? Not going to mention any numbers or anything, but let's just say that we had more flat tires than lessons this week. It was a struggle but we tried our hardest and that is all that the Lord can ask of us so we know that we are still being successful even if the numbers don't say so sometimes. We talked to some cool people this week and even though almost no one gave us their information this week, the few that did all seem pretty awesome and are all from the Netherlands! So that was a big miracle for sure! We had a really cool lesson with Sister Carti about the Plan of Salvation and it was just so great because her knowledge of the gospel is just so good and she just gets it. She's sharing the gospel with her husband as well and is seeing a change in him. She's awesome!! We also had a lesson with Omar where we talked about the importance of a testimony and he expressed his desire to continue to strengthen his testimony and wanted to find ways to continue to strengthen it. He's a good kid and we played some good basketball. He's a pretty gifted athlete and we had a good game of 2 on 2 going. Super fun to actually play some good basketball! Church went really well and the talks were on Family Home Evening and Home Teaching and they went super well! The Spirit was there and we were all spiritually uplifted. That was most of our week this week. Oh yeah! And this morning, we got up early and the 4 missionaries headed down to the national park and we all went and hiked up and watched the sun rise! Pretty sweet and it was gorgeous! That was a super good time! 

That was most of our week and we are excited to see many miracles this upcoming week! The harder the times get, the greater the miracles, so we're going to see some huge ones this week! One thing that I learned this week was the importance of accepting the Lord's timing in everything and recognizing the importance of patience. Oftentimes, we want people converted now and we don't see the eternal scheme of things. We read a lot in the scriptures about how people being converted to the church is comparable to harvesting fruit. What would happen though if we harvested the fruit when we never gave it a chance to grow. There's no point in harvesting seeds or plants that aren't ripe yet! Every little seed that we plant is important and every little increase to the plant that we make helps it get closer to getting ripe! We're planting lots of seeds and it's helping these fruits grow! Stay positive and happy though everything because no effort is wasted!

Love you all and hope that you have a great week! Lobi!
~Elder Burr

 (I asked him about his tag saying Elder Christianson ... He said it's his Halloween Costume) 

 Yeah, it was sweet!

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