Monday, October 17, 2016

Bonaire Days

Hey everyone! Fawaka?! Haven't been able to say that for a while since I'm not in Suriname! Not going to lie, I do miss it! Hope that you all are doing great!

It's been a pretty good week this past week, a bit of a struggle, but we're working our hardest so we know that we're doing all that we can. We are now in a new contact area since we finished the last one and this one is very high Dutch population which has been very nice. So the majority of the people we talk to now are Dutch, now the hard part is having them listen to us at all since most of them just say, "not interested" and close the door. So it was hard having people to talk to and listen to us, but there were a few so we were greatly blessed because of that! The miracles still come and we're so grateful because of it.

Been a struggle since the two families that we were teaching, (Rosemary and Raul, and the Vos family) both dropped us... Pretty sad, but it's all in the Lord's hands and I'm sure that they will accept the gospel some day. We taught a new person named Marion yesterday and it was one of the best lessons that I've had here in Bonaire. It was really guided by the Spirit and he was a little against us at first, but by the end, he was pumped about the Book of Mormon and he said that he's really going to read and pray about it. He's searching for the truth which is so cool. Very excited for him and he's lived in the Netherlands his whole life and is now living here. Very exciting! Sister Noij just got put on the 21 Day Challenge as well and we are PUMPED for that because she's super excited! One thing that she said is that it has always been her dream that her husband could baptized her daughter. The sweetest desire ever and she has so much faith so I'm confident that miracles will come from it. 

That was most of our week and I've been studying a lot on faith lately and the importance of having true faith and it was really cool reading in Ether 12 about the many miracles that come from great faith. I've been really trying to help others grow their faith so that they can see the miracles and have also been attempting to develop it in myself. Faith is the first principle of the gospel and you act based on your faith. My faith has definitely grown this week and it's such a good attribute! As we do God's will, our faith will grow and it's as simple as that sometimes. Make sure that we are truly living the gospel and the faith will increase, often without us recognizing it. Faith leads to that action so more faith means more righteous actions. Keep on increasing that faith!

Love you all and I really appreciate the support and prayers. They are felt! Ik hou van jullie allemaal!
Jullie zijn geweldig! Lobi!

~Elder Burr
Me! Forgot to take pictures... Whoops!

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