Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Trio is Now a Four-o?

Hey everyone! How are you all doing?! I hope things are going great for all of you because you all deserve it! Everything is still going great here and I'm getting anxious to leave! We leave on Monday!! Lucky us, we leave the MTC at 3:35... AM. That's a little early but oh well we'll survive!

My friends the Nords left this last Monday which was sad to see them go. I got really close with them and it's going to be different without eating with them anymore or seeing them at all anymore... Oh well, I got their emails so I will keep in touch for sure! They're awesome guys and will do great things out there in Norway!

For my week, lets see. On Thursday we had a Skype TRC thing where we teach a lesson to a member of the church who speaks Dutch! He's from Belgium and he had a Flemish accent so it was a little hard to understand him but we had a great lesson on the importance of Faith and Prayer. I also started that night a personal challenge for myself. I'm reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and 3 Nephi and writing down every question that Jesus Christ asked. I'll then compare it with the questions I asked and see what I can do better. I always want to be more like the Savior and this is one way that I can come closer to him! Super great challenge and I'm looking forward to it for sure!

On Friday it was my mom's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I hope you had a great day because you deserve it! You're the best! We had a good experience with teaching on Friday and learned a lot about being more genuine and sincere when we're teaching. It's definitely something that I can work on and I was humbled that day for sure. Also, we committed Jerry, one of our onderzoekers (investigators) to baptism on the third lesson! Super awesome and the lessons have been going great with him! I love teaching about the gospel and seeing the impact it can have on people's lives! We got our flight plans on Friday as well! So it's real and we're actually leaving!!! So exciting!!

Sunday was a crazy day and this will explain the topic of the title of this email. Most of the day was pretty normal and we taught an awesome lesson on faith which was totally directed by the Spirit! Anyways the rest of the day was normal until night. One of the Swedes was hurt and couldn't go out to Sweden until he was cleared by the doctor. Sooooo he's with our district now! So there's four of us now! He's Elder Buehler's companion and super cool so he fits in with the Surinamers great ;)
It's so different not having the trio all the time but I guess that will prepare me for the mission field!

Tuesday was also a little weird. Elders Buehler, Hunt and I got called to the travel office to go to the police station! Yeah we got in trouble... Just kidding! They needed to get yet more fingerprints from us for our Visas which is a little frustrating since we've already sent them in! But as long as the Visas come in, I'll be happy. Prayers for that would be appreciated! On Tuesday night we sang in the choir and it was just a little bit bigger than choir at Concord High. 1003 singers... Yep! Sounded pretty awesome though and there was a definite power in the song we sang, "Hurrah for Israel". Very cool experience and I'll remember that for a long time. We got to hear a devotional from the General Primary President and she had a great message on the scriptures and testifying the truth. One thing I got from it was that, we will be astounded at the Lord's hand in our mission, if we look for the miracles. The miracles are there every day and all we need to do is recognize them and see that God helps us out each and every day!

That's all for me this week and I probably won't email again until a week from Monday since that's when P-Day is out in Suriname. You're all in my prayers and I know that you're in mine. Tan Schwiti (Stay Sweet). Peace out!

~Elder Burr
 Class is tiring sometimes!
 I broke a chair (actually it was already broken)
 When you get bored sometimes ...
 Elder Buehler spraying a water bottle trying to make it "more humid" in the classroom.
 Elder Larson and I
 Elder Hailes and I
 The Surinamers!!
 An amazing picture my sister sent me!!
Rocking the new haircut.

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