Monday, September 28, 2015

First Week in ... Guyana?

Hey everyone! It's been a crazy week and a half! SO much happened and I'll try to put in some of the highlights as best as I can! 

We had our last few days at the MTC and it was sad to leave all of our teachers and classmates but it was also really exciting to head out! My group that was going to Trinidad was a group of 6 of us. We all flew together to Trinidad and had a rough time getting through immigration. That wasn't fun... Took like 45 minutes and we didn't know if we were going to get through! The Lord provided a way though and we all somehow made it.

That night we met the mission president and his wife and they're so amazing! Wonderful people and the made wonderful food as well! Me and Elder Buehler stayed in a little hotel thing for the night which was super nice! The next day was lots of orientation things at the mission president's house and I learned a lot and tried to remember it all but... I'm sure I forgot some things. In my interview with President Egbert, he said that I was assigned to Berbice, Guyana! The poorest part of the mission and English speaking. I'm not going to Suriname yet apparently because I have to get something done before I can go. Oh well!

Me and Elder Buehler were the only ones going to Guyana, so we flew together here and after a long day eventually made it. We were with the zone leaders most of the night until they ditched us at the mission home by ourselves.. That was pretty lame. They picked us up the next morning though and we headed to our areas! So my companion is Elder Cook and he's only been on his mission for three months so we're new together! He's an awesome companion and I've already learned so much from him! He's a fellow cross country runner so we go running every morning which is great so I can get back into shape! 

Berbice is wonderful! The people are great and I've loved teaching them so far! It's like 8 million degrees here with 100% humidity so I sweat all day long which is a little gross but I'm getting used to it. Also, there are animals everywhere! Cows, Donkeys, Horses, Goats, Dogs you name it, we got it. It's way different from home and everyone is so humble here and lives such humble lives. Our investigators are wonderful and we've already committed many of them to baptism which is super exciting!

One fun thing that me and Elder Cook attempted was to drink 12 bottles of lemonade (a gallon and a half) in one day because our neighbor said that we couldn't do it. We prevailed though! And had to go to the bathroom like crazy all day and night. Totally worth it though.

Another highlight was talking to a bunch of people who were getting really drunk! Long story short, we tried to get rid of their beer but eventually gave them a word of wisdom pamphlet. Hopefully they read it because they really need it!

One of the miracles this week was with this girl named Diana. She was upset because she prayed about the Book of Mormon and she didn't get an answer. But we were able to explain how it takes work to get an answer and that the Lord answers in His own time. She agreed and later in the lesson agreed to be baptized! Woah! Super cool! The Holy Ghost is real and is so powerful in teaching because without it, we cannot teach. Super awesome

I'm loving it here in Berbice and I'm so grateful for all the prayers sent my way! They mean a lot!
I'll be back next week with many more miracles! I love you all!

~Elder Burr

 Elder Hunt, Elder Holt (The Nord), Me, Broeder Norton, Elder Buehler, Zuster Parker
 Our district plus our teacher Zuster Larson.
 Our district and Broeder Bonney.
 Our District with the MTC Presidency.
 Looking at the moon from the hotel room in Trinidad.
 Baby ducks we got to hold here!
 My companion, Elder Cook.
 An attempted picture of the moon.
The legendary lemonade!!

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