Monday, February 13, 2017


Hey everyone! I'm back in Bonaire again! Who would've guessed that? I sure didn't but I'm loving it!

It's been a crazy week! I still had the shock that I was going back to Bonaire and it honestly did not seem real at all until the day that I left. I was with Elder Rasmusson for two days so I had to give him a crash course run down of the area and of everything that was happening so hopefully he's doing alright! He's back with Elder Lewis who was in the area before me, so I'm sure that things are going to go great. Then I left Friday morning and had to wake up at 2 in the morning for that and I got to see Elder Lewis at the airport and talk for him a bit which was awesome. I love Elder Lewis! We just have to stop playing tag now already and actually serve in the same country together! My flight got delayed like 5 times on Friday so I was supposed to get into Bonaire at 10 in the morning, but didn't end up getting there until 7 at night so that was a fun day at the airport. Spending 15 hours at an airport isn't really what I imagined a mission would be like, but I have one of the craziest missions ever so it's pretty normal now! I also figured out that every single time that I have been transferred on my mission, it has been to a different country! That's also pretty insane! But it is honestly so great to be back. We had church yesterday and seeing all the members again and seeing how excited they were to see me, made everything worth it. Seeing the Mens family, the Albus's, Zuster Noij, Genesis and Omar and so many other people just made my day and made me so happy! Church was great and the branch and the group are combined now, so it was packed in there! Great talks on missionary work and on the Sabbath Day. Also, on Saturday we helped out the branch with a branch activity of a car wash and barbecue! It was pretty fun and good to spend some time with the members again. Also for a spiritual experience, we went out contacting yesterday and one of the first people we talked to seemed super open to our message and he used to live in the Netherlands. The miracles are real already and I am super excited! Bring it on Bonaire!

Keep on being great and having daily spiritual experiences that will draw you closer to God! Every day we change so make sure you are changing for the better! I love you all! 

~Elder Burr
 Good ol Bonaire
 Parker and Elder Hardy

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