Monday, February 6, 2017

You're Staying in Uitkijk.... Just Kidding!

Hey everyone! life is crazy and missions are awesome!

So I was staying but President Egbert literally just called me and said that he feels inspired to have me go back to Bonaire!  So I won't be here anymore! We had an awesome week this past week and had some really cool experiences so things are going great! We did service twice this week, once for Steve and Jolande and once for Broeder Bakker. With Steve and Jolanda we helped them make Podociri (Asai in English) which involved cleaning it, putting it into a machine,cleaning a bunch of things and getting some of it for ourselves! It's a superfood and is super good for you and just is pretty awesome! For Broeder Bakker, we helped him clean up some cars that he is going to work on and it went pretty well. He also made us some iguana which was my first time and it was super good! Tastes a lot like chicken but I might like iguana a little better haha. Steve and Jolanda also fed us which involved, roti and massala, chicken, deer and alligator so there was also some firsts for me! All was super good and some good memories as well! For spiritual experiences, there were also so many this week! We got to use our contact area a lot this week and saw some cool miracles from being there. Our investigators Miguel and Meredise are doing really well and are still reading out of the Book of Mormon every day, but sadly didn't make it to church which was a little disappointing. We saw one of our investigators Katie who felt the Spirit a lot as we were talking about the Book of Mormon and promised to read and pray about it so we are pumped for her. Sunday overall was just great! Not too many people came to church since it was pouring for most of the morning, but the meeting was so good! Zuster Libretto bore her testimony and was about to end it but the Spirit prompted her to say something and she talked about the need to be spiritually fed every day from reading the Book of Mormon and it was so cool! The Spirit was really strong and just confirmed the things that she said. As I went up to bear my testimony, I was talking about the small and simple things that help us to have great spiritual experiences every day and as I was talking, the Spirit taught me and guided my words and I learned another Spiritual truth. When Joseph Smith experienced the First Vision, he was reading from the scriptures and he prayed. From those small and simple things, he had one of the greatest spiritual experiences ever! We too can have great spiritual experiences from the small and simple things that we do each day.

Love you all and life is crazy! Missions are the best! Have a wonderful week! Lobi!

~Elder Burr

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