Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Hey everyone! It's super late since Carnival made everything closed this past week! So I'm finally here and alive and well!

We had a great week this past week and I'll share some of the cooler experiences. We have that investigator named Martin that has been doing well and he actually called us this last week on Wednesday and asked if we could come over and bring the video "Finding Faith in Christ." We headed over to his house and we had a really cool lesson with him. The day before, he had a near death experience that rattled him a lot and he kept just saying "I don't want to die." He was super open to what we were saying though and we were able to testify how this life isn't the end and also about some of the experiences that we have had in our lives that were hard for us. It was just very touching and I got to share an experience that was close to my heart about Mr. Smidebush and it brought me to tears. Just a powerful spiritual lesson that was guided by the Spirit for sure. We also taught this older Dutch man twice named Hans who has been doing really well. He used to have a strong belief in God, but he's not too sure now and is super open to the things we say. He's read out of the Book of Mormon as well and we're just pumped for him! The other cool thing that I'd like to share is how every day before we go out to contact for most of the day, we always pray to find at least one person that is willing to listen to us. We contact a lot each and every day, and sometimes it's a little hard. But every day, the Lord blesses us with at least one person who is willing to talk to us and it's such a blessing. Prayer is real and when we humble ourselves before God and ask for the things that we need, if it is His will, he will bless us with them. Miracles!

I've truly come to appreciate the power of prayer lately and the importance of seeking divine help in the things that we do. When we involve the Lord in our lives, things will work out is what I have seen. If I have to correct someone or something and I don't pray before it, it always goes bad and it's just not good. What I've found though when I think of a solution and ponder the situation a lot and then seek for the confirmation and the Lord's help in the words that I say, there is never a problem. Seek the Lord's confirmation in all things and you will always stay on the right path!

Love you all and hope that you have a great week! Bonaire is awesome!!!!

~Elder Burr

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