Monday, May 22, 2017

Kippen Mess!

Hey everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful week this past week!

We had a really good week this past week! Lots of time trying to find new people to teach and we had some really cool experiences. We were talking to a bunch of houses trying to find people that were interested in learning more about the message that we share and we felt inspired to go by one house. There was a lady there that said that she was too busy at the time but at the end she said that she knew the Ibrahiem family, who are very strong members in the branch here. So we asked if we could come back another time and she said that we could, but we couldn't make an appointment. So Saturday we felt inspired to go by again and we were able to make an appointment for the next day! We went by yesterday and she was there (Margie) and also her daughter and two of her daughter's friends that were all around 22-23 years old. We had a great time with them and we were really able to come to understand their beliefs in God and we found out that they are pretty much looking for something more in life, so it was so inspired and it went very very well! Also there is a member in the branch presidency that is named Broeder Nazir and he's been on fire lately. He's given just such great talks and lessons and it's been really cool to see how strong he is. We're working on trying to get him out teaching with us soon and we both just have a really good feeling about it. We also visited a member named Broder Wehl this last week that just started the Book of Mormon over again and he's on fire and is just loving reading every day. At the end of the appointment, I felt inspired to commit him to give a Book of Mormon to one of his friends and he asked for like 6! So cool to see members that are just so excited to share the gospel! We're excited to see the fruits of his work as well. 

So to translate the title of the email, that basically means chicken poop! Elder Hunt and I were on an exchange this past week and we were doing service for someone in a wheelchair and most of it was weeding his yard and stuff which was fine. But then he asked us to mix this compost with this mysterious brown smelly stuff that we'll just say was fresh. When we asked what we were supposed to mix it with he said our hands! We totally thought he was kidding but nope he wasn't! So we mixed chicken poop with this compost stuff and I'll just say that that was the grossest thing that I've done on my mission so far! But he was very grateful so I guess it was worth it ;) Good times!

My testimony has grown this week on the Joseph Smith story. We were talking and teaching about it with Broeder Eendragt (our branch mission leader) and we asked him what is something that he learned from the Joseph Smith story. He said that he learned about diligence from the story and I asked him why he said that. He explained about how after Joseph Smith had the first vision, is took a while for him to get the plates and to be called as a prophet and amidst so much opposition and persecution, he never doubted his testimony and he never denied the experience that he had. I thought that that was so true and it was really cool to think about. Joseph Smith truly did endure so much and I'm grateful for our living day prophet on the earth today. Cool experience. Great week!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week filled with many spiritual experiences and I hope that you never forget that God loves you more than you could imagine! You all are awesome! Have a great week! Lobi!

- ~Elder Burr
 Our bedroom.

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