Monday, November 23, 2015

Good Things Are Happening!

This past week Elder Cook has been sick a few days so it's been kinda hard to go teaching but we were able to get some splits going with Clint, (Delon's brother) and I've done all the teaching lately. But I just realized this week after a lesson at a recent converts house of how much I love missionary work. I realized that I am happy all the time and truly looking forward to meeting with each and every person here. Just a realization that I came to that I was so happy all the time. My teaching has gotten so much better and I'm doing my best to teach with the Spirit every time because that's the only way that you can teach!

It rained most of Thursday and Friday which meant that we got soaked and mud everywhere! Hopefully it all comes out in the wash but my shirt had mud dots all over the back of it!

I accidentally made Elder Cook crash on Friday which wasn't good. He was tailgating me which I wasn't aware of and I swerved a bit to dodge a pothole and the back of my tire hit the front of his and he just went sideways and ate it. Whoops! No broken bones though, just a very dirty shirt and a few scrapes. I felt really bad about it though.

I had a really good lesson with two recent converts named Sheniah and Selena when I went teaching with Clint. I taught about the importance of repentance and how it is a gift from God and only possible because of Jesus Christ. Man when I was testifying of the Savior, the Spirit was so strong and they really seemed to get it. Just was an awesome lesson and the best one I think I've ever given. So wonderful.

I met with the branch presidency on Saturday while Elder Cook and Hunt stayed at home since E Cook was sick and we had PEC which was the first time they've had it in a few years! Great things are happening with this branch and I'm learning a lot on how to lead a branch and kinda be a bishop I guess! You have a lot of work and a LOT of responsibilities it's crazy! But PEC was awesome and we talked a lot about fellowshipping and inviting back less actives. Just overall unity in the branch and it was super exciting. Home teaching is getting started and the branch is doing great things! 

We had a really good lesson with a member (Rollins) who had a stroke early this year and he can't talk very well and doesn't have much control over his body but he's an amazing guy. We had a lesson on how God is Our Loving Heavenly Father and it was just amazing. I was able to testify to him that God loves him and knows exactly what he's going through and Rollins was able to talk to us and he said that he too knows that God loves him and has never forgotten him. Man that was an amazing Spirit there and just a really special moment for all of us. I know that God loves each and every one of his children and we are all worth everything to him.

Its been an awesome week! I hope you all have a great week as well!
~Elder Burr
 Elder Burr and a chick.
 A beautiful sunset.
 Elder Hunt, Elder Cook and Elder Burr in their apartment.
 Elder Hunt and Elder Burr.

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