Monday, November 16, 2015

The Fire Pepper

Hello all you wonderful people! I hope you all had wonderful weeks as always! Guyana is doing wonderful as well!

First of all, Shout out to my best friend Tyler Rossi who turned 19 this past week! Man is he old! I guess I'll be there shortly so I can't say that for too much longer. I hope you had a wonderful day!

This week was filled with craziness! One cool thing that I tried for the first time was seven curry which can I just say is Amazing!! SUper tasty stuff and I ate it on a lily pad which was pretty awesome if you ask me! 

Later that night at the same house the Sonia has us (Elder Cook and I) try something called a fire pepper. We were dumb enough to take her challenge of eating it and let me just say that the pepper is appropriately named.. Basically me and Elder Cook died for 15 minutes because it was the hottest thing I've had in my life. Like our faces turned red and my face started tingling it was so hot. That was some pain that I've never felt before. So guess what we're doing this next week? We're going to try the hottest pepper in Guyana called tiger-teeth or something like that. Yeah we'll need all your prayers for sure. We may not live to tell the tale... Kidding!

We had a mission-wide fast for President Egbert since he was having problems with his eye and let me just say that it worked. He testified that to us at zone conference this past Friday and got super emotional about it. It was super powerful. He's back now for good and still as amazing as always. Zone conference was AMAZING and it got me super motivated to help out the branch and to know what I need to do to help New Amsterdam grow! Wow the Spirit was super strong there. Amazing stuff.

On the way home from zone conference, it was a two hour drive to get back to New Amsterdam. And two hours is a pretty long time. One thing about Berbice is that there are no such thing as public restrooms to go in... So about an hour in I started to have to go and I thought I could make it all the back to New Amsterdam... Yeah that was a mistake. We were about 15 minute away and I was panicking because if I didn't get out of the car then and now, I was going to pee my pants and that wouldn't be cool! So we were crossing a bridge and I made Elder Horsely pull over and just ran out of the car and barely made it. And yeah I peed on a bridge... Not my best moment. Yep I'm a missionary and that was representing it well. Whoops! A little embarrassing to say the least.

One scary thing that happened was that Elder Hunt got food poisoning and was shaking super bad on Saturday when we had a weird split thing going in Guyana. It was pretty scary and luckily President Egbert was there and he and one of the AP's gave him the most intense blessing I've ever heard. It was incredible. He told him that he WOULD be healed. And Elder Hunt was able to go to church the next day and is feeling pretty much back to normal again. The power of the Priesthood is real and that was a miracle for sure. Just plain amazing.

I had the opportunity to go on a split with a member of our branch named Clint yesterday and so I got to basically teach most of the lesson for the first time. We taught Sheniah (a recent convert) about the Atonement and I testified of the importance of it and how grateful I am for the ultimate expression of love that Jesus Christ did for us. He suffered for all of our sins and died for us so that was could be saved and live again. I felt the Spirit so strong then and Sheniah really seemed to understand the importance of what Christ did for us out of love. I'm trying my best to develop that love each and every day and to view everyone as Christ and God views them. Everyone is precious to them and they love each and every one of us no matter what we've done.

I hope we can all try to strive to develop a little more charity this week and view everyone as God does. I love you all and I hope you enjoy your week!
~Elder Burr

PS - Oh! One more thing! On Wednesday we got 12 new investigators in one day. That's right ONE DAY! It was pretty awesome. Good stuff!

 The Scripture Case!!!
 Elder Cook being a bunny
 Me and a bird (gotta have the animal picture)
 Seven Curry
 Eating the Fire Pepper
 My human shield on my emergency bathroom break.  Yeah, I'm smooth!
Me and my nose.  People called me Rudolph all week ...

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