Monday, December 14, 2015

What a Week!

Hey everyone! These past 2 weeks have been INSANE! Ok so this week has also been extremely crazy. There was some miscommunication about the whole Suriname thing and all that which wasn't cool because they scared us a lot about that! What happened is that Elder Hunt, Elder Buehler and I flew up to Trinidad on Tuesday, hung out with the AP's the whole day (and they bought us ice cream which was super awesome) and got our MKV paperwork done and then we flew back that night. So we came back to Guyana and we had to wait for transfer calls to see where I am going. Andddddd...... I'm going to Suriname South! My companion is Elder Hood and apparently he is a zone leader and a super cool guy so I'm excited to meet him and to be with him! We are flying early Wednesday morning and leaving tomorrow to drive up to Georgetown so I'm packing and getting ready for all of that. And apparently I only get 33 pounds total which is NOT good because I will not be really able to bring anything... So that stinks but we'll see what happens I guess. I'll keep you posted about that.

The past two weeks have been pretty great but pretty hectic at the same time. We weren't in our area a lot so our area struggled a bit which stunk a lot but what can you do? Last P Day we had a pig roast which was super awesome and something that I've never done before. We had some AWESOME lessons with two of our investigators named Kelly and Priya. The lessons with them have been amazing. They have read and pondered and prayed about everything that we've asked them to and they keep getting answers to their prayers and always feel the Spirit when we come and when they pray. Truly praying, reading and pondering helps you receive answers about the Book of Mormon and about anything about the church! It really works and when we put in the effort and have a sincere heart, truly the answers come. We had Kelly pray for us for the first time for us and she was in tears the Spirit was so strong and she just said how happy she was. They're the best and I'm sad that I don't get to see them again... Dang it!

Other than that, we've been doing a lot of service lately for members which has been pretty fun and some good work. Breaking up rocks, cleaning the church, cleaning up yards, painting and setting up Christmas decorations. It's all been some great stuff filled with lots of work.

We had a great PEC on Saturday where home teaching is getting planned and a lot of fellowshipping which is very exciting! Also we finally got a branch mission plan that is actually super good and I'm very excited about it even though I won't be in the area anymore...

We also had a powerful lesson with the Abbensett family where sister Abbensett bore a super powerful testimony on Jesus Christ and his love for us. It was an awesome lesson and it is so awesome to see people's testimonies grow of the Savior especially at this Christmas season! Great moments and we truly need to remember the real reason that we have Christmas. It's all about the Savior and what he has done for us. I hope we all can remember the true meaning of Christmas and keep Christ in our hearts.

It was really hard to say goodbye to all my friends here but I know that I'm supposed to be in Suriname. It's where the Lord wants me. Lots of goodbyes and lots of fun memories with many people here. Guyana is amazing and I've loved my time here.

Thanks also everyone for the birthday wishes because I really appreciate it! You all are the best and thanks for thinking about me! You're all in my prayers and I'll be in Suriname the next time I email! Love you all!

~Elder Burr
New Amsterdam, Guyana
Parker's bed?
Parker and the bird
Making a mess
Elder Hunt and Elder Burr

Beautiful sunsets
 Elder Cook, Adrian and Elder Burr
 Pig roast.  (They are using an ironing board to roast it!?)
 Pig Roast from last Monday.
 Heading to Trinidad for the day.
 Elder Hunt and Elder Burr
 Service opportunities

 Hilton and Elder Burr
 Kelly and Priya
 Elder Burr, Priya, Kelly, and Elder Hunt
 Sonia and her family

 Clint and Marceline
 GQ pose

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