Monday, February 22, 2016


Hey everyone! Pretty uneventful week this week since my companion had Zika pretty much the whole week which stunk...

 But we got to go out on Saturday and Sunday and see some of our progressing investigators and see Edmund again! Man that guy is a stud! It was great to get out again though because I was going a little insane. All good though. Today we went to the Binneland (interior of Suriname) to a place called Overbridge which was like a little beach thing with a huge river! Super cool and super fun because we played a ton of beach volleyball. Super fun and good to spend time with all the missionaries! Suriname missionaries are so united and it's super fun! Love it here! We hopefully will get to teach tons this week!

We also got to see Lilian! She's progressing so well and is so determined to bring her whole family to the temple after she is baptized! Man she's a stud! Very very excited for her! 

Also a puppy got hit by a car that was going super fast, flew like 20 feet through the air, rolled for a while and then popped back up and ran away. That puppy is made of something else! It's a champ!

That's all for me since it was a lot of looking at the wall and studying scriptures this week! Hope you all had a great week though and hope that you also have a great week this week! You all are awesome! love you all!
~Elder Burr
 Yes, I made them.
 Volleyball at Overbridge!

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