Monday, February 29, 2016

Sports and Book of Mormon Trivia!

Hey everyone! Fawaka? Hope you all are doing quite dandy! We had an awesome week here in Paramaribo! Hope you all did as well!

Elder Hood is feeling way better and just doing great again! We were able to have a full week which was so nice! We had a super fun Priesthood activity on Thursday where we all came together and played some basketball, volleyball and soccer. The problem was that there was water on the court and it made it like ice and quite a few people took some brutal hits. Elder Lewis had it the worst though, he completely faceplanted with nothing to stop him and it swelled up to the size of a ping pong ball immediately... It looked so bad but he's doing fine now so no permanent injury which is great! I was able to show the people here how volleyball and basketball really should be played which was super fun and it was great to play some sports again! I did get a pretty bad sunburn though.. Whoops! Sorry mom! Forgot sunscreen!

Sister Jorgenson and Walsh had a baptism on Saturday which was so great! Baptisms are just the best and the Spirit was so strong. It took two tries but it was so wonderful anyways!

We had two investigators come to the baptism which was super awesome and they had a pretty good experience and have baptismal dates for March 26th and we're super excited for them! Astrid and Eevert! They're so great. After that baptism there was an awesome ZTV (relief society) activity that Sister Marlene put on and it was Book of Mormon trivia! So fun and it got people pumped to read the Book of Mormon more! Marlene is so great! Edmund came to that and is playing a huge role in the branch since he can speak Portuguese! So he translates for the Portuguese people and he's just the best! Great week overall this week!

Lilian is also doing well and we had a sweet lesson with her yesterday on the Priesthood and then offered to give her a blessing and we gave her one. Very Spiritual and she felt a lot better afterwards she said. She was in the hospital for a few days this past week but is doing a bit better now so we're hoping she feels all the way better soon!

I've been really able to see in my missionary work how important it is to rely on the Lord. As we put our full trust in him and rely on him for all that we do, he will help us fly and just do our work so much more effectively. Elder Hood and I have fasted every week and the miracles that have come from it have been so amazing! We found Edmund, Lilian, Astrid and Eevert all from fasting. I have a strong testimony now on the importance of fasting and the power that comes from fasting with a purpose. Miracles everywhere! 

That was our week and we're excited for this next one! The Lord is great and the Priesthood power truly has been restored on the Earth. Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

~Elder Burr
 Missionary Life!

Priesthood sports activity
 Pretty great sunburn from sports

Bruine Bone that I made.  So tasty! Learning how to make awesome foods here!

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