Monday, February 1, 2016

Edmund is the Man!

Hello once again everyone! We had such a sweet week this week! Lots of success and lots of miracles! Missionary work here in Suriname is booming!

Highlight of the week was definitely Edmund. He is just soaring right now and is the best. We gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet and he read the entire thing, then committed himself to drink less cola, to eat vegetables with every meal, to not have tea anymore and all because his body is a temple. He's reading from the Book of Mormon every day, his relationship is getting better with Ivaldo and he's just amazing! Such an elect person and he's just the best ever. Always a joy to go teach him because he always does every committment! He also made a committment to go to the temple a year after he is baptized and is just so converted! Never had anyone like him before and he's getting baptized a week from Saturday! Can't wait for that!

We had a lesson with his son Ivaldo and put him on the 21 day challenge (look it up its awesome) to try to get some refferals from him and he is soaring as well. Read 23 chapters of the Book of Mormon in 2 days, is fasting for people that he can find to hear the gospel, wants to always go teaching with us and he's just the best! So good to hear! Ivaldo is the man!

We got some people on baptismal dates this week as well which is just super cool and missionary work is just booming here in Paramaribo South! We had 8 investigators and 10 less actives at church which was sweet! The branch had 100 people at church and if we have an average of over 100 for 6 months, we get a building! That would just be the coolest ever!

Super excited for the branch and their progression! The Vroom family here is also getting converted! Their kids are all members but they just need to get married and I think they're getting close to deciding to get married so we're very excited for that! Just so much stuff is booming here!

Lots of lessons this week and we really felt the Spirit a lot and it was just a really good and fun week! Working hard all the time and I don't know where the days go! THey just fly by!

Sorry it's a little shorter this week and for no pictures but we're at a sketchy email shop that is safer if I don't try to send pictures since it will probably get viruses everywhere. Next week though! Running out of time so I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!-- 
~Elder Burr

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