Monday, January 25, 2016

Raising the Roof ... Or Not!

Hello once again everyone and hoe gaat het? Hope all is well as usual and that life is going well. I heard that my home ward Concord 2nd is killing it with missionary work so shout out to them! Very exciting to hear and I hope that the ward continues to grow. It is very hard to write ward since they don't exist here! I want to write branch every time. We had a pretty sweet week this week though!

First of all, we got transfer calls on Saturday anddddddddd...... Elder Hood and I are staying together in Paramaribo South! Super excited about that and we're ready to have another amazing transfer filled with many miracles. Hard work, obedience and fun is what it's all about! We're both very excited for this transfer and will hopefully have a bunch of baptisms.

On Tuesday we had a sweet district meeting on the Holy Ghost and were learning about the word Earnest which is super cool! Look it up in the Bible Dictionary if you get a chance because it's very interesting!

Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Lewis in his area! That was super fun and we had some really good lessons! I really felt like I was guided by the Spirit and was able to ask inspired questions and it went just really well. Also that afternoon there was a worldwide missionary broadcast which has not happened for like over 10 years! It was super cool and a few apostles spoke at it and really inspired us to be better missionaries. Very good meeting and I learned a lot about more effective teaching and about inviting AND enticing people with the gospel!

A missionary from here in Suriname who was serving in England came back this week and it is Brother and Sister Parabirsing's daughter! She and her father came teaching with us one night and it was pretty funny because she's lost almost all of her Dutch and has an English accent. But she was a great teacher and the family is very excited to have her back. Edmund is progressing very well and he's going to get baptized very soon which I'm SUPER excited for! I've taught him the whole way though and it will be super great to experience his baptism.

The District President, President Verwey came teaching with us this week and he is just an amazing teacher! Super young guy, mid 20's and he's the equivalent of a stake president here and just is an amazing guy. So so spiritual and just a wonderful teacher and I learned a lot from him. We taught members of his wife's family and they all accepted the invitation to be baptized so that was super exciting as well!

One fun experience was in service on Saturday, I was helping take down a roof and replacing it and it was a very very old roof. You can probably guess what happened next and yeah I stepped on a piece of wood and fell though the roof but caught myself by my elbows and was just hanging there. I guess you can say that I failed at "raising the roof." Oops! Pretty funny though and no real damage to me or the roof and now it's just a cool experience! Good stuff.

Shout out to Sister Christiansen who just finished her mission here in Suriname and is going home! She will be missed. Also shout out to Elder Hunt and Elder Dibb who just had a baptism in Uitkijk for a family! We all got to go and it was a very spiritual experience. Families can be together forever and it was so great to see! What a great experience!

Suriname is great and I love it here! I hope you all have a wonderful week! The miracles are real and I love you all!
~Elder Burr
On the roof that I broke a little bit.
 Elder Hardy and me
Shout out to Sister Jorgenson for the awesome planner that she made for me!
 Last picture before Zuster Christiansen goes home.

 Pictures from this morning since I forgot to take pictures this week!

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