Monday, January 18, 2016

There's a First Time For Everything!

Hello hello! Fawaka?! This week was yet again awesome and we experienced a ton of success again! Loving missionary work and all of the wonderful experiences that I've had!

I had a crash this week (first one). Pretty intense one. Elder Hood and I were biking super hard since we were probably going to get home late, probably going over 20 miles per hour since we were almost passing cars. And my brake cable got detached and as I pedaled, my pedal hit the cable and immediately stopped my bike and I... didn't. Went flying over my bike and skid for like the next 10 feet from what Elder Hood described. I don't even know what happened since it was so fast. Hit my elbow pretty good and got some road rash on my hand.But I was protected from on high.. No broken bones and a pretty cool story. Ripped my pants though and almost destroyed my shirt. Pretty intense but pretty sweet at the same time. Makes for a good story :)

We found some awesome people (mostly in other people's areas) and just had some great lessons. We're really really pushing the Book of Mormon in this mission and the miracles are showing from it. Daily reading from the scriptures is so important but we need to make sure that every day we read from the Book of Mormon. It truly is the most correct of any book on Earth and the keystone to our religion. We've had some less actives and investigators start reading it and it's been amazing to see the differences in people's lives. We had 6 investigators and 6 less actives from our area at church this week! Miracles all over the place and it's just been super fun! Still working hard and time is flying! Elder Buehler and I went on an exchange and I led out my area for that and it went really well! I was a little nervous but we relied on the Lord, found some awesome people and it just went super well. It's been great to see the improvement in Dutch that there has been and how much I learn each and every day. The gift of tongues is real!

We had an awesome lesson with Edmund this week (2 actually) and man is that guy prepared! Completely stopped smoking and really has fixed his family life. He brought both of his kids to church and tries to make us cry every lesson! He just tells us how we've saved his life and he's so grateful for us and starts tearing up. The Spirit is so strong there and it's amazing to see the changes in people's lives with the gospel. Miracles are real.

So on Wednesday all of the sudden water starts leaking all over the floor when we're doing dishes and it smells TERRIBLE. No clue what it was until we looked under our sink and discovered that our sink has been leaking for who knows how long into a bucket... And the bucket had an interesting mixture that looking like a green tinted water with random forms of life in it. I'll let your imaginations work in that one. Super gross and we still need it fixed... Oh well! No span!

We found some less actives through more miracles and man are they cool! One of them is named Ivan and he came to church on Sunday! He's a super smart kid and he and his sister are members. He has three huge dogs though who slobbered all over me and basically made me drenched in dog slobber. Good stuff though and he's a sweet kid!

We also taught our Elders Quorum president who has started reading from the scriptures every day and the spirit is working in him so strongly. He started crying in the lesson sharing the spiritual experiences that he's had and he's just the best guy ever. I love that guy and he's such a stud. The Book of Mormon makes such a difference in your life from daily reading in it.

We had an awesome week and I hope that all of you have a great week as well! I know that Christ lives and that he loves us and that the Book of Mormon is the most correct of any book on Earth. Daily reading it helps each and every one of us no matter who we are. Love you all!

~Elder Burr

 Bike Fixing

 Paramaribo branch missionaries
Elder Hardy, Elder Burr, Sister Jorgensen, Sister Christiansen, Elder Hood, Elder Lewis
 All Suriname sports today!

 My friend Spot
 The results of the bike crash!

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