Monday, January 11, 2016

Miracles of Fasting!

Hello all you wonderful people! I hope you all had a wonderful week because I sure did!

We had an awesome Family Home Evening with an investigator named Ron who has been struggling with the Word of Wisdom and we had them come to Sister Malene's house for a Family Home Evening! Brother Suraj gave the lesson and man it was just awesome! The member fellowshipping has been awesome and they really support each other and want to do missionary work! That was a good time and they also made us bami! (chow mein) and it was sooo good!

We had another awesome lesson with the Elder's quorum President Marciano on preparing his friends to hear the gospel and how there are angels all around us helping prepare people to listen to and accept the gospel in their lives. The gospel is such a blessing and it changes your life forever! It truly is the way to happiness and it's awesome to see people's lives be changed forever!

Tuesday night I ran over a tack and my bike tube got popped from it so we just left it at the church and assumed that we could fix it very fast on Wednesday... That was the goal, but 3 and a half hours later we finally fixed it. The bikes here are super nice but super complicated. And the problem was in the new tube that we bought all along. Lame!

Later that day though we had a lesson with our investigator named Fiona and she brought a friend! Her name is Simon and she came with a Book of Mormon in the lesson. She was very interested in the lesson and I'm expecting good things from the both of them!

Elder Hood went to Trinidad for MLC for two days with Elder Cornish from the Seventy (jealous) so I led the area out for two days. I did a pretty good job though and we had 12 lessons which was pretty sweet! The cross country in me has made it so that I can figure out where I am at all times from all the street running that I did. In other words I never got lost woot woot! But the Dutch is doing super well and I'm very pleased with the progression of it. Elder Hood says that he feels like he's been with an elder that has been speaking Dutch for a year. I'm pretty sure that's a lie but it was very nice of him to say. But I'm still working super hard on the language and always praying for the gift of tongues and I truly believe that I have been blessed with it. Just been amazing.

Elder Hood and I have so much unity that it's insane. He's an amazing missionary and such an obedient and hard worker and the funniest guy ever. We're just having a blast and I hope we continue to get to serve together. Time has really flown and it's been because of the hard work, obedience and fun I'm sure. That's the secret to a happy mission I feel like! Obedience hard work and fun. Good stuff! We had a miracle with fasting yesterday. (Elder Hood and I made a goal to fast every Sunday and it's really helped). We were fasting for a new progressing investigator that would be ready to receive the gospel and it was answered. We taught a guy for the first time last night who is a less active's father and he has changed his life. He's been smoking for 25 years and stopped completely in the new year and he also made a goal to spend more time with his son and he's doing it. He also told his work that he wasn't going to work on Sunday's because he wants to go to church with his son at our church. He accepted a baptismal date and we're going to try to have his son baptize him which would be AWESOME! Just a huge miracle! 

We're experiencing tons of success and I'm loving Suriname! Things are going great here and I'm super excited for this next week! Love you all!
~Elder Burr

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