Monday, June 13, 2016


Hey hey everyone! Hoe gaat het met jullie? Hopelijkse jullie allemaal hadden een geweldige week afgelopen week! You all are awesome!

We had a pretty good week for half the week this week! Lilian is just doing wonderful and is progressing great towards her baptismal date on the 25th! She came to church again and is so prepared and so excited to endure to the end! We had some awesome lessons with her on enduring to the end, missionary work and teaching and learning and she's just so excited about the gospel! She's a joy for sure. We had a sweet family home evening with Broeder Marciano and his family on our characters and it was super fun. We drew pictures of eachother and wrote things that we admire about them. Pretty great and pretty hilarious at the same time. Good stuff! Those were the highlights for sure of the week and we also had some really good PEC and Coordination with the branch that was actually effective and focused on the needs of members. Pretty awesome stuff. The bad news of the week is that Elder Van Den Herik got another mosquito disease thing and was stuck inside for most of the week. So that majorly stunk but what can you do? Not much really! Keep on working hard and the Lord will provide a way. That was basically our week this week!

Being district leader has been fun since I get to hear how everyone's day has been and I also get to teach the missionaries every Tuesday. That part is scary since I feel so inadequate, but with the Lord's help I'm able to do it. 

One thing that I learned a lot about this week is living what you teach and how important that is. We need to live the gospel before we can preach the gospel, otherwise we cannot have the Spirit to be with us. As we turn to the Lord and ask him what we need to change about our lives, he will show us those things and we can become a little more like Jesus Christ each and every day. Our goal is one day to return to live with our Father in Heaven and it comes through living to gospel!

I hope that you all had a wonderful week and hopefully I have more to write this upcoming week! Jullie zijn de beste! Mi lobi yu! 

~Elder Burr
Check out this guy that we found in our apartment. Don't worry Calissa and Aunt Tina, it was dead. Ivaldo did put in on my head though which wasn't cool. Gigantic spider though!

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