Monday, June 6, 2016

What Else Could Go Wrong?

Hey everyone! Hope y'all are doing fantastic because you all are wonderful! Thanks for all the support and I hope you had an awesome week with many miracles!

The title of the email basically describes this week for us...Man oh man did we have a hard week this week. Was a big struggle since we barely got to do anything it felt like. Monday the landlords son came to try to get us hot water and that lasted from 6-9 which is our proselyting time on Monday. Elder Van Den Herik then went to take a shower and about 3 minutes into it, BOOM, all the power went out! He had soap all over his body which was pretty funny since we had no water but overall it wasn't good. Tuesday after district meeting, they came back over until 7 o'clock so we only got two lessons in since they were there the whole time. Wednesday we had weekly planning, PEC and Coordination which took most of our day so we only had one lesson. Thursday we were excited to have a nice full day and as we were heading to our first appointment, Elder Van Den Herik swerved around a hole and I was pretty close behind him, hit it and BANG, there went my back tire, completely flat. So we walked all the way to the bike store and then to the church and then again to the bike store because we forgot a part and there went most of our day. Friday, also excited to finally have a full day and we had one lesson and were heading to another and Elder Van Den Herik hit a bump and BANG, there went his front tire, flat. Are you serious??? Repeated that process again. Saturday we went and picked up Ivaldo for a mini mission again with us (going to be awesome) and had to get him all settled in and get him a bike and everything so that took a bunch of our day. And then Sunday we had to bike to our planning meeting at the other church which took almost two hours and that took up most of our day. Wow... So that was a little rough because we had less than half the lessons that we normally have, but what can you do? As the hymn says, "Let us all press on in the work of the Lord". Life goes on! We did have an awesome lesson with Astrid and Lilian though and they're both on a baptismal date again and both came to church! Lilian was such a miracle because she was experiencing a lot of opposition at work with the church and everything but she made the decision to not listen to them anymore and wants to get baptized! She is so pumped to do everything now, came to church, is reading every day and is giving everything to the Lord! She's wonderful!! Those were the highlights this week and we also had really good lessons with Marciano and his family who are just such great members! He's getting married super soon as well which is so awesome! So that's wonderful! The Lord is continuing to bless us with miracles and I know that he has prepared people for us and has given us so many miracles! We're super excited to have an awesome week this week and to teach lots of people! That was our week!

Overall the Lord truly did bless us with some amazing lessons and we'll keep on pushing forward and serving with our heart might mind and strength! The Lord is truly who is in charge and as we trust in the Lord and realize that everything is in his hands, the miracles will come and you'll be able to see why everything happens! Everything happens for a  reason and there are no coincidences. Trust in the Lord and he will do the rest! 

I love you all and I hope that you're all doing wonderful and still reading out of the Book of Mormon every day! Have a great week! Lobi!
~Elder Burr
 Elder Burr
Elder Van Den Herik

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