Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July!

Hey everyone! Another sweet and very rainy week here in Suriname! Well, every week is rainy and super hot, but hey at least you're never cold! Right Elder Rossi? ;)

We had a good week! Mostly normal week finally which was super nice! District meeting was super fun, talking about the importance of prayer in missionary work and in conversion. I was able to learn a lot from my district and they are just so great! Love them all! The best thing that has happened this week is Sunday basically with all of the members in our area and the investigators. A lot of people came and everyone was asking how to pay their tithing and fast offerings and money isn't the easiest thing to come by here so they just have so much faith! They were all excited to pay their tithing and to show their faith and I know that they'll receive the blessings from it! They are the best! Lilian is also just so wonderful I can't even describe it! She has so much faith, fasted for her son to come back to church and helped us clean up at the church as well and is just helping this branch out so much. We need more people like Lilian in the world. She's an inspiration! Craziest thing that happened was on my exchange with Elder Christianson in his area on Friday. We went to see this guy named Jimmy and he was crazy. Like insane! Just bursting out laughing in the middle of the lesson and we'd say "I know that the Book of Mormon is true" and he'd just immediately reply very loud, "What?! You think I don't believe you?!" Super funny. Elder Christianson and I were joking afterwards that it would be super funny if he showed up at church. And guess who showed up? Jimmy! And the first thing he said to me since I was standing by the door is "Waar kan ik mijn vogel zetten?" That translates to, "Where can I put my bird?" Yeah he brought a bird to church. Pretty funny though and he stayed all 3 hours! Being district leader is super fun and I just learn so much from my district each and every week! They are the best and they teach me way more than I teach them I feel like. Weirdest thing would probably be just figuring out exchanges and stuff but nothing too weird so far. It's fun. Our investigator Jimmy is also doing great and has come to church the last three weeks which is awesome! He's getting baptized on the 16th which is super cool! The area is doing great though and we should have an awesome week! Loving it!

I learned a lot this week about the importance of sharing the love of God with others and to come to know the love of God yourself! When we come to understand how much God loves us, we will have a natural desire to share it with others! Let's all get a better relationship with Him and then share that relationship with others! 

That was our week and I hope you all have a stupendous week and feel the love of God! Love you all and thank you for the support! Jullie zijn geweldig en ik wil jullie allemaal danken voor uw liefde. Ik hou van jullie! Lobi!

~Elder Burr

 4th of July fun!

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