Monday, July 11, 2016

You're Sending Me Where?!

Hey everyone again! I hope that you all had a great week! This week was just insane as all transfer weeks are I guess!

Sooooo... We got transfer calls this past Saturday and I'm headed tooooooooooo...... Bonaire! Absolute craziness! It was seriously the last thing that I expected and I'm sad to be leaving Paramaribo South, but I know that I'm going to Bonaire for a reason. I also get to be Elder Dibb's last companion which I'm super excited about since we get along great. I know pretty much nothing about Bonaire, so it should be a pretty crazy experience! I am excited though even with how hard it will be to leave South. You know what's crazy? I've served now in three areas in my entire mission and the three areas have been three different countries! I don't know how many missionaries can say that! 

So that was already crazy and just a shock to me! But the rest of the week was also crazy so I'll write some highlights! Elder Orton and I went on an exchange on Tuesday while Elder Van Den Herik fixed bikes the whole day with the senior couple. Pretty fun time and it was his old area and it was cool for him to see the growth of this area since it was a dead area a year ago. I love this area though!

District meeting on Tuesday was also just awesome. I talked on relying on the Spirit and the other missionaries just taught me so much and I was able to learn a ton from them. It was just super spiritual though and felt so awesome! Good stuff!

Friday all the missionaries in my district went to Brother Marciano's house (a stud member) and we cleaned up the jungle in his yard! Pretty fun taking cutlasses, rakes, and a weed whacker to everything and helping his yard look a ton better! That was a great time and a good bonding experience between the missionaries and Brother Marciano and his family! They're the best and some of my favorite people here in Suriname! Also on Friday I gave my first baptismal interview for the Zusters investigator Joey who is awesome and so prepared! He was well prepared and got baptized on Saturday! So awesome!

Saturday night the missionaries and the branch mission leader put on a fireside about missionary work and it went super well. The Spirit was there and more members came than we expected so that was awesome! Member missionary work is so important especially since as members of the church, we are all missionaries! Keep on doing the great work!

Sunday was my last Sunday in Paramaribo and I got the chance to bear my testimony and to say goodbye to a lot of the members and it was sad, but I had some comfort since I'll be back in Suriname in  a few transfers. I will miss everyone a lot though and especially Lilian, Marciano, the Vrooms, Zuster Ramlal, Cheyenne, Ivan, Edmund, Ivaldo, Elvira, Raisa and the list can go further, but I'll miss them a lot. I know that I'm going to Bonaire for a reason though and I'm excited for this new adventure!

Love you all and I hope that you had an awesome week. Keep on reading those scriptures! You all are great! Lobi!

~Elder Burr

 An evil dog!

 Brother Marciano and his family.  AKA the best members ever!

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