Monday, July 25, 2016

Pioneer Day!

Happy Pioneer day everyone! We got to celebrate it here as well which was pretty fun! Bonaire has been pretty awesome and we've had some super cool experiences!

We had a fun week! I'm going to go out of order, so hopefully it's not too confusing! But on Saturday, we had a Pioneer Day activity with the branch and went on a hike pretty close to the national park here in Bonaire! It was super fun and great to be in the outdoors and have a good time with the branch. Not too many people came, but the people that did come had a great time. Pretty awesome! On Friday, we had a service activity for the Albus family again and I went into construction mode Elder Burr! I was in charge of the drill for most of it and went to town! I took apart a dog house thing and all the elders worked together to clean out a shed and then take it apart. Super fun activity and also super tiring, but we all had a blast! We also did service for a less active named Sister Carti and helped clean up her yard which was a lot of fun as well. Service service service! Always a good time here. We also had a lesson with Genesis this week on Charity. Genesis is an 18 year old that is just incredible. Has helped so many people come to the church and is so converted it's crazy. We talked about charity though and how important it is to develop our charity and to share it with others and she shared some tender experiences of some times when it was really hard for her to be charitable because people were very racist and rude to her and she wanted to know how she could possibly be charitable to people like that. I was able to testify though that she cannot do it by herself, but with the help of the Savior and His Atonement, she could get the strength to do it. Many things in this life are incredibly hard, if not impossible for us to do, but as we turn to the Savior and use His Atonement, He gives us the strength to do the right things and to do these things that may be really hard to do. It was an awesome lesson and the Spirit was super strong.

One of the youth here named Gari has been awesome too since he's so converted! We didn't have enough priesthood for the Dutch service on Sunday, so hey stayed the extra two hours just to help out without complaint and was so happy to do it! It was so cool! The Dutch family that just got baptized also gave their first talks this past Sunday and they did so awesome! So much fun!

We had an awesome week and are excited to have another awesome week next week! Love you all and have a wonderful week! The church is true!
~Elder Burr
A little bit of Bonaire!

 The walk on Pioneer Day

 The apartment

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