Monday, August 1, 2016

Goat Burgers and Million Dollar Houses!

Hey everyone! Hope that you all are doing great! You all are amazing and such great people. Bonaire is pretty sweet and pretty dang hot! Lots of wonderful people here and they should call this place "rustig island" because of how chill it is here. Pretty insane!

Crazy week again this past week! Lots of opportunities for service and we had some cool experiences and miracles. Tuesday we had a super good lesson with Genesis on service and she's just so humble and moldable that the lessons are just always awesome! That night we had a super good lesson with the Mens family (the recent convert family) on the Atonement and specifically on justice and mercy. It was super cool to talk about how Jesus Christ is our mediator and will help us through anything in this life. I was thinking of it like jumping out of an airplane. The law of justice says that you fall because of gravity and if you hit the ground you're going to die. But if you have a parachute, the law of justice still takes effect (you still fall), but you have the opportunity to use mercy and pull the rip cord that will save you from death. It's the same way in life. By sinning, we jump out of that airplane and start falling to our spiritual death but Jesus Christ is our parachute. He is there to save us, but it is still our choice to choose him or not. As we choose Christ and His Atonement, the law of mercy takes place and we're able to become saved. Pretty cool lesson and a pretty cool experience with them. They're awesome! Wednesday, we helped the other Elders do service for one of their investigators named Gigi and we cleaned up her yard which was pretty intense! Lots of fun though with them. Then we had a really good lesson with our investigators Maraline on Faith and Repentance and she shared with us how much joy the gospel brings her and how much better her life is now. Just waiting for her to decide on a date, but she's very prepared and super awesome! We had another lesson with Sister Carti (a less active) and it was super cool. She's awesome and the only thing that is holding her back is working on Sunday which she's going to change in the next few months or so. We talked about the Joseph Smith story with her and what we can learn about our Heavenly Father with it. Super sweet! Thursday we did service for President Albus and it was a ton of heavy lifting, lifting tons of heavy tile and blocks and moving them all over the place. Super fun though and we were definitely feeling the burn! They are such an awesome family though and super strong in the gospel! Later that day we had a good lesson with an investigator named Mangali who is the most straightforward person that I've ever met! She wants her answer and wants it now. You can be super bold with her though which is pretty cool. We also had a lesson with the Branch President and his wife (the Depalms) and they are just such wonderful people and so kind. We talked about the tree of life and about the things that bring us joy in the gospel! Friday we did service again and helped a friend of President Albus to move and she moved into a 1.5 million dollar house and man was that incredible! Wish I had my camera because it was gorgeous! Again was a good time and good to help them out. Saturday we helped the branch sell different forms of burgers (beef, chicken, goat, iguana and fish). I ate a goat burger and it was super tasty! That was a fun time as well though and we built up so more unity in the branch. And Sunday is always awesome because it is Sunday and we were with the members! They are wonderful and translating in the Dutch group is super fun. Great week!
That was the highlights from my week and I hope that your week was as cool as mine! Keep on loving life and staying strong and rely on the Lord and everything will be alright. The Lord is great and the gospel is true! Love you all! Lobi!

~Elder Burr
 Cacti Fence
 More pictures of Bonaire!

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