Monday, August 15, 2016

1 Year???

Hey everyone! Hope that you're all doing great! I almost forgot to send this email, so it'll go pretty quick! But yeah I hit my year mark on Friday! That's insane! Time is flying so fast, I don't know where it has gone! 

We had a good week this past week! President Egbert came teaching with us on Monday night at the Mens family's house and man that was awesome! We talked about sharing the gospel and President Egbert got so excited about that family! Apparently he talked about them to Sister Egbert all night! Then on Tuesday, he was there at district meeting which was sweet and Elder Dibb and I did a role play and taught the Egberts about charity and man was that sweet and the Spirit was super strong! We shared 3 Nephi 18:32 and that had a big impact and truly brought the Spirit which was sweet. I had a sweet interview with President Egbert after that and we talked a lot about the Mens family and what we need to teach them for the next 7 lessons or so. We're going to be preparing Brother Mens for the Melchizedek Priesthood and also preparing him to become group leader soon, so the missionaries don't have to do it anymore! Pretty sweet stuff! We're pumped to help prepare them and Brother Mens is pretty awesome and loves learning more, so it'll be great. Thursday, we had a really good lesson with Maryline on Enduring to the End and we're just patiently waiting for her to decide to get baptized since that's all that she needs! She's ready, but she has to make the decision. We also had a AWESOME lesson with Sulmira, one of our investigators. We taught about prophets and about Christ's ministry and the Spirit was super strong. She also read out of the pamphlet and the Book of Mormon, which is awesome on its own, and she had questions about what she read. #dreamcometrue! She's super interested in life after death and we're about to teach about that! She's awesome and is super receptive so we're pumped about that for sure. Elder Dibb had the opportunity to give a baptismal interview over skype for a person in Aruba that speaks Dutch as her first language and that was also a really cool experience. She was super prepared and so sincere about her desire to get baptized! That night, we talked to Brother Mens about the priesthood in the church at Christ's time and it was super cool to see how the priesthood is the same throughout all eternity. It doesn't change over time! Church was also great on Sunday since Sister Noij (one of the active members who has two little girls) came back from vacation and it was great to meet her for the first time! She's super strong in the church and has an unbreakable testimony! Lilian Mens (the 14 year old) gave her first talk on prayer and did amazing! Things are going well here! That was the highlights of our week!
Love you all and I appreciate all the prayers and love sent my way. You are all amazing and keep on being awesome! Lobi!
~Elder Burr
 Donkey friend
 Sweet sunset!

1 year! (and a few days since I forgot to take a picture!)

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