Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Who - is is WHERE?!?!

Hey everyone! Fawaka?! Hope that everything is going all right for all of you! Things are crazy here, especially this day today! We got transfer calls this last Saturday and it's pretty awesome!

I'm staying! Surprise surprise! And guess what?! I'm serving with Elder Lewis! This is going to be pretty sweet! And the craziness begins! So he flew in today... and we had no clue because no one told us! But thank goodness that we have a member that works at the airport! So he calls this morning telling us that Elder Lewis is here! And we were like "WHAT?!" No one told us and we had taken in the car this morning to get an oil change which takes most of the day here in Bonaire. So we frantically called some members and luckily one was available to drive Elder Dibb and I to the airport to pick him up. Oh yeah, and the airport misplaced his carry on so we have to figure that out too. Craziness. But that's the mission life I guess! Good stuff. This whole week was pretty insane since Elder Dibb and I were doing exchanges this week, so I headed to Curacao for 3 1/2 days and he headed to Aruba! So I had the opportunity to serve with Elder Walton for a couple days who is pretty awesome! Brand new missionary, but his Spanish is great and he's just a hard worker so it's awesome! Oh yeah, forgot to mention, but they only have Spanish missionaries there, so I got to practice the little Spanish that I know for a couple days. I am now inspired though to learn Spanish when I get back, so that'll be pretty fun! The exchange went great though and it was fun to find those few people that did speak a little Dutch and to get the opportunity to speak with them. Pretty crazy though! The people in Curacao are so friendly and they loved it when I tried to speak Spanish, so it was super fun! That was most of the week there and then we got home late Saturday night and crashed! So our first full day back here in Bonaire was on Sunday! Church was great though as always and Kevin Mens gave his first talk (he's 16) and did awesome! He talked about the scriptures and the importance of them and did super awesome. He also blessed the sacrament for the first time which was also pretty sweet! Our investigator Maryline came to church and she really liked it, so that was sweet, and also President Albus' mom came to church which was super cool! We're planning on teaching her soon and helping her progress to eventually get baptized! She seems like a very sweet lady! As for today, Elder Lewis is here now and it's been a crazy day so far but it's been great as well. Elder Lewis and I are PUMPED to serve together and to go baptize the world! This is going to be a fun transfer for sure. We're crazy excited!

We weren't in our area much this week, so not a lot happened here, but Curacao was pretty fun and Bonaire is always great. One thing that was cool this week was in talking to Elder Walton about prayer. We talked about the importance of not "ordering a pizza" when we pray and just say a bunch of things and hang up the phone (end the prayer). But it's so important to remember that prayer is a two way communication between us and Heavenly Father. We need to really listen when we pray and take advantage of the opportunity that we have to communicate with our Heavenly Father each day. As we seek to have those sincere prayers, the answers will come and we can truly feel the Spirit and God's love as we pray. That was pretty cool this week!

I hope that you all also have a great week and keep on reading those scriptures and having those spiritual experiences! Love you all and have a wonderful week!

~Elder Burr
 Some wonderful people!

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