Monday, August 8, 2016


Hey y'all again. Fawaka? Or as they say here in Bonaire, Kom Bai? Papiamento is crazy and I understand about 3 and a half percent... Maybe a little more than that but it's still a little hard to find those Dutch people! I hope that you are all doing great though!

We had an awesome week that was just so great! Monday we put the Mens family on the 21 Challenge, which is going to be awesome and is going to give us a ton of referrals we're hoping. One of the people that is on their list was at that lesson as well and he has come to church the last two weeks which is pretty awesome! His name is Sohraymar I'm pretty sure and don't even ask how to pronounce that, because I'm still working on that myself! He's super cool though and seems very prepared and I know that the prayers going his way are going to help him so that he gets even more prepared. Thursday we had a pretty awesome day because only one thing fell through the entire day which is pretty rare! We had a super cool lesson with Omar (a 15 year old here that is a stud! The brother of Genesis) on Heavenly Father and the Spirit was super strong in it. He was testifying on how Heavenly Father really is our Father and it was so cool that he had a strong testimony of that. He's a stud and also a huge Stephen Curry/Warriors fan (Just like Tyler). We also had a super spiritual lesson with our investigator Maryline on baptism and confirmation and she's getting closer and closer to making that decision to be baptized and I hope it comes soon! We'll see though. We finally that same day saw a contact that we had that was just super awesome named Sulmira. And she was so cool! We talked a little about the Restoration and spent a lot of time talking about God. She told us how she wants to get a better relationship with God and we told her how we can do that through prayer. The Spirit was definitely there and we are PUMPED to keep on meeting with her. Hopefully all goes well! Friday was definitely the highlight though! We had zone conference in Curacao with President Egbert on Charity and working with members and it was just a spiritual feast! Learning about how to be more charitable and to not use our mouths in the wrong way was just awesome to learn. President is the best though and I learned so many things that I can do better as a missionary! Church on Sunday was also great and brother Mens gave his first lesson in the second hour and it was wonderful. He can teach better than most of us I feel like! It was sweet though and church is always a joy. We had a great week though and Elder Dibb and I are pumped to have another great one!

One cool scripture in zone conference was this one in James 3:11
11Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?

A water source is not going to have a good part on one side and a bad part on the other. IT is always the same. We need to be that good spring though that always put's forth good water. We need to have that true charity and love those around us. Pretty cool.

Hope that you all continue to have a good week and I do appreciate all of you a lot and especially your prayers. They are felt and greatly appreciated. Love you all! Lobi!
~Elder Burr
 Shadow that looks like a person!
 Look what I found?  WHEAT THINS!!!! You can buy them here in Bonaire! #blessed
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