Monday, August 29, 2016


Hey everyone! Hope that all is well and that all of your weeks went great! We had a sweet one here!

Man it's been a super fun first week with Elder Lewis! We're doing our best to try to set Bonaire on fire, even though it always feels like it's on fire (it's so hot!). We had a good first week though.We got to go by the Mens family twice which was great as always and we're continuing to prepare Brother Mens to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and preparing that family to go to the temple. They're wonderful! We had a super awesome lesson with Maryline this week as well. Elder Lewis, Elder Galke and I were together for Tuesday while we were waiting for Elder Sheppard to come and we got to go by her. We talked with obedience with her and the blessings of following the Lord and it was so spiritual! She teared up at one point and was just feeling it the whole time. Elder Lewis and Elder Galke are awesome teachers and it was pretty fun to be in that trio for a day. Tuesday in general was pretty insane. We dropped off Elder Dibb at the airport at 6 in the morning, dropped of Elder Rios at 1 in the afternoon and then finally picked up Elder Sheppard at around 11 at night. So we had quite a few airport runs and I got to practice some driving since I drive the car now here! So that day was crazy but also fun and we taught in English, Dutch and Spanish that day! Don't know how many missionaries can say that about one day ;) We also had a cool lesson with the Chirino family on Wednesday night where we read with them again and talked about the Book of Mormon again. Brother and Sister Chirino came to the realization that the reason that we ask so much about if they've read or not is because it's super important to read every day! That was cool that they finally understood that and I hope that they'll start to read every day now. We also had a sweet lesson with Omar, one of the youth, about the first vision. We asked him what he learned about God for sharing the account of the first vision and he paused for a minute and then said, "The thing that I like about this is that God is more powerful than Satan, no matter what." He went on to explain that no matter the temptation or trial that we receive, God is always stronger than Satan and we can always stay strong. It was so awesome that he was able to understand that because if we truly believe that and act on that belief, it is going to be hard for Satan to get us to make the wrong choices! Very cool thing that he said. Boy did we also do a lot of contacting this week! It's tough to find those Dutch families and people, but no one can accuse us of not being diligent! We worked HARD this past week to make good use of every minute of our time and truly did see the miracles. We had some super cool contacts that we're excited to follow up on which will be super sweet. Being a zone leader has been pretty good so far! Everyone calls me and Elder Sheppard (Elder Galke's companion) at night, just to report on if they're alive or not and I get to fill out some stuff every Monday on dropbox which is cool. I like finding out about everyone's weeks though! I get to learn a lot and see what I can do to help them. So that's been super fun so far. We have zone meeting once a transfer after a Mission Leadership Conference with President Egbert and that's in a week so that'll be pretty exciting! We had a good week and we're excited to see the miracles of this upcoming week!

That was our week and I hope that you all had a great one as well! Thanks for teh support and love! Love you all!

~Elder Burr
The gorgeous beaches that we can't go to.  How sad!

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