Monday, January 16, 2017

Area Conference!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

We had a good week this past week and had some cool things happen. We finally were able to visit all of our members this week and we had great spiritual experiences with them. For example we saw Brother Schipper and he just bore his powerful testimony on how this is the only true church. So cool to see that so many members are so strong and know that the Book of Mormon is true! We found a new person this week named Miguel and we had a few lessons with him and he accepted a baptismal invitation which is sweet! He's super humble and seems prepared to accept the gospel in his life. Very cool stuff and we're pumped for him. Romero is also doing great, but was out of town for most of the week so we couldn't see him. He's great though and is getting his bike this week to go to church! Super awesome stuff! I also got to go on an exchange with Elder White this week and he's doing awesome! Great missionary and he's grown so much in the few months that he's been on a mission. I'm surrounded by great missionaries and it's so cool to see and to be a part of them. Fenolia is also back! We finally got to see her again after a long time and she's doing well. We invited her to act in faith and to do what it takes to get to church and she accepted, so we're excited to see the miracles from it. One of the coolest experiences that we had though was with our investigator named Eddie. He was not sure what he needed to do since he just turned Christian and chose a church to go to, but then we came and have had powerful spiritual experiences with him. We very boldly told his and testifies that the only way to find out the truth for himself was to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. Super spiritual experience and we testified on how we came to know that this is the true church. Super awesome! Also yesterday we had a Carribean Area conference where Neil L Anderson, Elder Cornish, Elder Christensen and Linda Burton spoke to us over a broadcast and talked a lot about discipleship. Super awesome and it was great to see all the members again since we were all gathered together for it. Loved it and we are excited for a good week this upcoming week!

I hope that we are all doing our best to be true disciples of Christ! People are always watching and even if there aren't people around, God is always watching us as well! Love you all and I love this work! Nothing else I'd rather be doing! Lobi!
~Elder Burr

*No pictures this week.  He was at a sketchy cyber cafe*

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