Monday, October 12, 2015

Hey White Boy!

Hello again everyone! I can't believe it's P Day already again! Man time flies when you're serving the Lord! It was another amazing week full of some great and interesting experiences!

One interesting one was that we were giving a lesson to a recent convert family and then this vocal fight between two adult women broke out (which happens a lot). They were going on forever and then one of the ladies turns towards us and proceeds to yell at the top of her lungs about how terrible the other lady is. Then the other lady picked up a board and I thought that things were going to get ugly but they didn't so it's all good! Then of course, my companion and I decided to go try to contact the crazy lady the next day. She wasn't home but we'll keep trying! She needs some Jesus in her life for sure.

One miracle that happened this week was with an investigator named Ashley. We asked her to read a Restoration pamphlet but she didn't read it so we were disappointed and asked her why she didn't read it. She responded that she's from Suriname and can only read and write in Dutch. Guess what I can do? Speak a little Dutch! SO i proceeded to teach her with as much Dutch as I could and then gave her my pamphlet that I had in Dutch which she promised to read. It really was an answer to my prayers because I was worrying that I was going to lose my Dutch while here in Guyana. The Lord provides a way and don't ever forget that!

On Saturday, our investigator Patricia got baptized!! My first baptism here! The change in her life was so apparent and the baptism was wonderful and pretty memorable. The Spirit was super strong the whole time and she said that she felt wonderful afterwards! The baptism was a little funny though because the person that was baptizing her, basically looked like he slammed her into the water. It was intense! But she went all the way under and is clean now! Amazing stuff!

On Friday night, we were walking around in Angoy's avenue (the ghetto) contacting people and this lady came up and asked us to pray for her because she was super sick, so we explained what a blessing was and told her that we could give her one and she accepted and we gave one which was cool. The next night we came back and visited and just said how the blessing was a miracle because she felt great now and wasn't sick anymore! She had so much faith and is now a new investigator and I'm excited for her!

As for the title of the email, most of our teaching is done in the Ghetto here where they accept the teaching more and multiple times every day, I get called "white boy". So I've determined that that is my new name now. Also everyone guesses that I'm almost 30 and from New York. That's what everyone thinks which is funny!

Anyways, that's all for this week and I'm loving Guyana! The people are so wonderful and although they're simple, they care a lot and love to learn. Things are great here and I hope you all have wonderful weeks! Thanks for the prayers!

~Elder Burr

 A cool, but very mean bird.
 Baptism pictures
Elder Cook, Elder Burr, Brother Thakoor, Patricia and her family.

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