Monday, October 19, 2015

The Nederlands is Real!

Hello all! It's been another great week here in the wonderful country of Guyana! Yes it's still hot and humid every day but I'm used to it (I think).

We had a bunch of good experiences again and I'll share them as best as I can!

Tuesday we had tradeoffs and I was with the zone leader Elder Horsely and I led out our area which was a little scary! We biked all over the place and had some great success in it. One great thing that happened was that I got to teach Brother Seonarine (A recent convert) in Dutch! He grew up in Suriname and knows like 5 languages which is pretty awesome! Teaching was... a struggle and I realized how much I still have to learn. The pronunciation in Suriname is different than the MTC so that's a little weird to get used to. But I shared my favorite scripture and really felt the Spirit helping me out in the words I was sharing. That was wonderful! I also biked Elder Horsley to the ground. He was dying when we were done with the day and when I said that I wanted to go running in the morning, he thought that I was completely insane! Maybe I am! That was great though and I learned a lot from him.

For other experiences, we had a lot of great lessons with our investigators and really did a good job of teaching in unity and with the Spirit I think. Me and Elder Cook have figured out how to teach in unity and all the lessons are going so great now!

On Sunday the youth had the Primary Presentation and that was the cutest thing ever! They did a great job and bore such sweet testimonies! One thing that was unexpected was that they asked me to play the piano for every one of the songs they sang! I had no warning at all but did a pretty good job overall. I'm also the piano player for church each week! Thanks mom for the lessons! They really came in handy!

One thing that was sad was that we had out last lesson with Delon, one of our recent converts. He's moving to Suriname and he will be missed. He has a wonderful testimony and his sincerity in what he says is amazing! Once I go to Suriname, I'll have to find hiim again because he's the man!

Our investigators are progressing well but they aren't going to church! We doing our best but I guess we just have to work harder! Work work work all day every day! It's wonderful! We had another great week and are excited to get to the next one! I hope you all had a great week!

~Elder Burr

 Elder Cook and a goat.
 The sunset.
 A lizard.
 Us and the lizard!
 Some Guyana scenery!

 Elder Cook and a rabbit.
(I'm not sure why he doesn't have pictures of himself with the animals ...)
 The Primary!
 Elder Burr, Elder Cook, Clint and Delon!
 Delon and Elder Burr 
Parker's first Guyanese haircut.  He said they only cut the sides, but he likes it!

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