Monday, October 26, 2015

Are you from Utah?

Hello all once again! And Happy Halloween! I can't believe that it's already Halloween! Man time flies when you're working hard! This Saturday we find out about our transfers and it's come up so fast! Craziness!

Yet another wonderful week filled with miracles and great times!

One amazing thing that happened was that we got a call from a member who said that she had a friend who wanted to be baptized and is already going to church! That's pretty much unheard of! We had to explain that we need to teach the lessons first! Her name is Oniqua and we got the chance to start teaching her and it's been wonderful! She's so receptive to our message and really wants to be better. That was like the coolest thing ever!

For the title of the email, we were visiting an inactive family and then we see a white guy going for a run. It was the weirdest thing ever because you don't see many white people here! As he passed us, all he said was, "Utah?" And me and Elder Cook got offended and proudly announced California and Colorado! The stereotype is true that all Mormons are from Utah. Oh well! It was pretty funny though.

One cool thing that happened this week were blessings! Me and Elder Cook gave 6 blessings this week so we've really gotten a chance to use our priesthood! It's amazing to see the faith of the people as we give them and it's truly God who's doing the work through their faith. What a blessing the Priesthood is!

On Sunday two of our investigators came to church!! Shabana and Ashley! We had to put in a LOT of effort to get them there but they came and it made us so happy! We were having a hard time getting investigators to church so this was an answer to our prayers for sure. They said that they enjoyed church and will think about coming next week. But we'll make sure they come. Once they start coming to church, they progress so fast and it's amazing to see the change it has on people's lives.

Fun fact that I found out yesterday. Shabana (a 12 year old girl that's one of our investigators) has the same birthday as me! December 1st! That's the best day ever in my opinion but I may be a little biased ;)

Also, it was Elder Cook's birthday on Sunday and I made him a cake. It turned out great although the frosting was super runny (pictures later). He had a great day though and he's 20 now! Not a teenager anymore!

One fun thing that happened was that we were going to visit a less active family and the husband was SOOO drunk it was insane. Flopping all over the ground and everything. We were teaching his wife and he stumbled over and said, "You wanna fight??" and Elder Cook just said, 'sure" and didn't do anything. Well the drunk guy then said, "babe, get me my cutlass" and he promptly walked straight into a pole and fell to the ground. Then in the closing prayer we hear, "Whose bikes are these?!" and after the prayer he has on my helmet and is walking into a bush. Funniest thing ever that was also really sad because it's a sign of what alcohol does to you. We're going to try to get him off of it so hopefully that happens. Alcohol is bad news and I've really seen what it does to people here. Bad stuff.

It's been a great week though and we find out about transfers on Saturday! Exciting stuff! I'm super anxious and I don't know if I want to go to Suriname or stay in Guyana for another transfer! It's up to the Lord though because he knows best.

Thanks everyone for your support and prayers and I hope that you all have a wonderful week!

~Elder Burr

 Sweaty Elder Burr
 A beautiful sunset.
 Some pictures of Guyana.

 The first time he has worn gel in his hair.
The best cake you've ever seen!

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