Monday, March 14, 2016

The Days Go By!

Hey everyone yet again! Back here in Suriname! Loving it here! Such a good place!

Working now with Elder Van Den Herik and it's been going well so far. Working together in unity and he's from the Netherlands so my Dutch is getting better for sure! Excited to continue to be obedient, diligent and have the Spirit to be with us!

We had a pretty solid week this last week and found a ton of cool new people! Astrid and Eevert are progressing great towards baptism and are getting baptized on the 26th! Very excited for them and they are keeping every commitment and coming to church every week! Very cool to see with them. Probably the best part of the week was Ivaldo though. He's Edmund's son and came out teaching with us pretty much every day and is giving us a ton of referrals! He's also going to go on a mini mission with us next week probably where he's going to serve with us for a week while they are on vacation! Super cool and super excited to see ivaldo grow some more. Just a great kid and he wants to be a missionary so bad! He's just the best!

Also, Edmund is getting called as a branch missionary and also the Portuguese translator in the branch which he's super pumped about and we are as well. He's so willing to serve and bring people to the church! Just glowing right now and he's just killing it. Got the Spirit working in him and we're working to try to get his daughter to live with him again. She wants to but her grandmother doesn't but we're teaching the grandmother now so hopefully all goes well and everything will work out. Excited to see! We had a solid week though and I'm excited to continue working hard and relying on the Lord with everything that I do.

We had a HUGE miracle this week too! Lilian, one of our investigators has been working on Sundays so she hasn't been able to come to Church but her boss told her this past week that she doesn't have to work on Sundays anymore! What?!?!?! Miracle alert! So she can now come to church and will get baptized just now! So so excited! So cool to hear!

That was our week and I hope you all are doing great! Getting a strong testimony of the importance of humility! Learning a lot about it and seeing truly how humble Christ was. So cool to study and apply in my missionary work. Loving the mission and the time is passing so fast! Too fast!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! You all are the best! I really appreciate all the prayers! Love you!

~Elder Burr
 The Vrooms
 The Fiedtkous
 Sleeping on the floor in the kitchen.
(Not sure why)
The last week with the Paramaribo district.
Elder Hardy, Elder Lewis, Elder Hood, Elder Burr, Sister Jorgensen, Sister Parker, Sister ?, & Sister Walsh

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