Monday, March 21, 2016

What Can You Do?

Hey everyone! Hope you all yet again had an amazing week because you all deserve it!

Probably the best thing this week was Ivaldo! He's on a mini mission with us right now where he's serving a mission with us for a week and a half or so! So so excited for that and he's going to bless his family for sure! Ivaldo is just the best and I love that kid to death!

We had a super fun service activity this past Saturday where we helped Edmund demolish a house and then begin to build a new one. Very excited to see the final result and I hope that his daughter can live with him soon. Prayers going their way for sure. Such a wonderful family. The only bad part of it, even though I put sunscreen on was that I got burnt! So easy to get burnt here it's crazy!

One sad thing that happened this week was that Astrid and Eevert, who were supposed to get baptized this upcoming Saturday dropped us basically and said that they don't really want to get baptized anymore. Devastating.... That was super hard and super sad because so many fasts, prayers and love have gone into them. Just so sad and I hope that they'll change soon because we were super bummed. But I know that everything happens for a reason and if it is meant to be, then they'll get baptized. WE'll see soon I guess. They're still in our prayers as well for sure. But we found some more cool people this week and are excited for them so hopefully all goes well! Still pushing forwards for sure! What else can you do?

We found Ivaldo's cousin and aunt this past week and they are just the best! Very excited for them and excited to see them grow a ton! They are such a humble family and seem very prepared to receive the Gospel! We gave them a baptismal invitation and they accepted it which was super cool! Hopefully things go well with them!

My testimony grew a lot this past week on becoming more like the Savior. I've really tried to focus on other more than I focus on myself and just to become more like Christ in general and it's tough! But so so worth it when you do it. Staying humble, patient and relying on the Lord in all that you do is so important! Very cool to see the miracles!

Those are the highlights from this week and we've got Phagwa this week which is a giant hindu color party thing which will be crazy! Super excited though!

I hope you all have a great week and I appreciate all the kind words of support! It means a lot! Love you all! Tot ziens!
~Elder Burr
 Elder Lewis and I (awesome Elder)
 Before picture of Edmund's house
Edmund's pet monkey!

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