Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Phagwa and the History of the Church!

Hey everyone again! Happy Easter and Second Easter as they celebrate here in Suriname! We had a super cool and crazy week this past week!

We're actually moving apartments this Friday which is pretty crazy but it'll be an upgrade since we had the worst apartment in Suriname! Excited for that but sad at the same time. I absolutely love sharing the gospel every day and there is nothing better! Just finding those people that will listen and keep commitments is so fun! Teaching is just the best as well! We found some sweet people and one family that is just so cool! Their names are Oethra, Tiffany and two others that I forgot but they are the coolest ever! Tiffany is a stud and knows 4 languages (French, Spanish, English and of course Dutch). Insane! They are super sincere though and we were able to do service for them yesterday which was pretty fun and we're building up the relationship with them! Very excited! We also had 8 investigators in church which was awesome! Sadly, Astrid and Eevert pretty much dropped us which hurts my heart but everything happens for a reason. It was a super fun week with Ivaldo here and he did a great job and has a powerful testimony! He's grown a ton and it's been a pleasure to serve with him. Just a great kid overall! Going to miss Ivaldo at the end of this week! Just a stud!

Other than that, we did lots of finding and found a lot of new people! Oh yeah and we had the assistant church historian come and give a message on church history, Joseph Smith and on how you may not think you're doing much, but just look at Abinadi. He has no baptisms, but without Abinadi, the rest of the Book of Mormon would not have happened! It was pretty cool and pretty inspiring. We also had interviews with President Egbert and those were great and he's helping me a lot so that I can change and become more Christlike and more consecrated. I always can improve and I need to improve every day! That's the joy of the gospel! You can improve every day! I love the Lord and I love being  a missionary here and continually become a new creature in Christ! I love Suriname and am looking forward to a great week! 

We also had Phagwa this week which is apparent in the pictures and it was a huge color party! Pretty insane but definitely a good time!

One thing that I really learned this week was the power of the Atonement and the ability to change. Reading Mosiah 27 helped me learn how important repentance really is and I am gaining a testimony of it for sure. Every little thing that we do that is wrong in the slightest we need to repent of and change so that we can become new creatures in Christ. Such a gift to be able to change and to always become better each and every day. We need to follow the example of Christ in all that we do and to truly stop and think, "What would Christ do in this situation?" Then we'll be able to make better decisions each and every day. What a blessing the Atonement is and for how much we can change. Love the gospel and the chance that I have to teach it here in Suriname! 

Ik houd van jullie en hoop dat jullie dichter bij onze hemelse vader elke dag kennen komen. Dat is de weg waarmee wij onzelf kunnen veranderen en altijd beter worden.

Ya'll are the best and I hope you have a wonderful week and draw a little bit closer to Christ! You all inspire me! Lobi!

~Elder Burr
 Ivaldo and Elder Van Den Herik
 All the pictures I took this week! Phagwa was crazy!

(Mom note - I asked him if it came out of his clothes .. He said it all came out!)

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