Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference!

Hey everyone! Hoe gaat het met jullie? Hoe was conferentie? Hope you all had a great week and learned a ton from conference this last week because I sure did! 

We had a hectic week since we were preparing to move so we cleaned like crazy this week and didn't get as much time as I would've liked to proselyte but it was ok. The new apartment is a lot smaller but it'll be good. Elder Van Den Herik really likes it which is important. Ivaldo ended his mini mission yesterday which was a little sad. Going to miss that future missionary. I definitely learned a ton from him and I hope that we were able to help him out a little bit as well. He did a wonderful job and bears a powerful testimony. I love that kid! Probably the most spiritual moment of the week was when Ivaldo gave a family a baptismal date and they accepted! The Spirit was so strong and it was a great moment for Ivaldo and it just made him feel so great! Just was a wonderful experience and I'll miss having him around all the time. The favorite phrase of the week was definitely "jij bent gek!" (you are crazy) and we had a ton of funny and very spiritual moments with him. He has a bright future for sure and will play a big role in the growth of the church here in Suriname.

Two of our long time investigators are also making great progress now and it's been so cool to see! They are reading from the Book of Mormon now more often and are making a sincere desire and attempt to change. Cool to see the role that the Book of Mormon plays in people's lives and the chance that everyone has to change.

Man was conference amazing or what?!?! So man great talks and great speakers in general! Just a tsunami of the spirit and a great time for me to self evaluate myself and see what I need to improve on (which is a LOT! But thats the joy of the gospel and the atonement; the ability to always change and improve).  I loved the quote about how the atonement is used for repentance and also for forgiving. And with forgiving, sometimes you have to forgive yourself. That's one thing that's hard for me, forgiving myself, so that was super good for me of how I can better use the Atonement in my life and continually improve myself. I also loved Jeffrey R Holland saying that all the Lord requires of us is to try and to have the desire to do good. Sometimes I feel like Nephi and just think that I make so many mistakes and how could the Lord ever accept me and this was just such a comfort for me. I cannot wait to read all the talks again and study them! Super excited for that! Conference was such a  blast with all the missionaries here and I love Suriname! If any of you want to see what conference is and is all about then you can go to to find the talks given. The prophet of God spoke to us and I truly know that he is called of God. What a wonderful experience and blessing that we have to have a prophet on the Earth today!

Love you all and hope that you have a great week and check out general conference because it was the best! Lobi!

~Elder Burr
 New Apartment
(Elder Van Den Herik)

 Sweet hike today to Brownsberg Nature Park
Elder Burr and Elder Lewis

 Elder Burr!

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