Monday, April 25, 2016

Miracles! and Baptism?? What??

Hello everyone once again! It seems like a weekly thing now, but this week was awesome filled with many miracles!!

We had a crazy crazy week this last week. First of all, we had a baptism! Elvira got baptized on Saturday! It might have been the first time that a baptismal date got pushed forwards! She was so ready though and just is an amazing girl and just did so awesome! Her brother Ivaldo baptized her and it was very very spiritual. The whole family is now baptized and they are excited to go to the temple after a year! I am so pumped for them and I love that family so much! I am going to be so sad when I get transferred and have to leave them. Going to be a sad day.

We also starting teaching Astrid again and she's on a new baptismal date which we're super excited for! She's still doing awesome and is so sincere it's crazy! Love her as well. We started teaching a ton of new people this week which was super fun and got a bunch of new baptismal dates with the Draaibus family (they are awesome), Chiral (Has been smoking like crazy forever but really wants to change and has cut his smoking by 70% already which is sick!), Stefny (who is super smart and so sincere and really wants to find the truth. Pumped for her), and finally Michael. We had the best Restoration lessons with him ever that was just full of the Spirit! Marciano bore his testimony on the truthfulness of the Gospel and on how he got his answer. So cool! Then we all knelt down and Michael asked in his prayer if the message was true in the most sincere prayer I might have ever heard and after the prayer, he said "I feel different. I know that this message is true." WHAT?! So so awesome and he has a baptismal date as well. Super excited for him. They are all awesome and we're excited as well because Raisa is getting baptized this Saturday as well! Just everything is going so awesome and I love it here! The Spirit is so wonderful!

We also had a less active named Sister Ramlal come back to the church for the first time in years! We brought Sister Marlene the Relief Society president with us to the lesson and she shared her conversion story and worked miracles! So so excited to see her at church and Paramaribo South is just exploding with success! Absolutely love it here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else! This is basically home for me right now and I can't even imagine being anywhere else.

Sorry a bit of a shorter email today but I'm running out of time! I love you all and appreciate your prayers and love that you send my way! You all are the best! Have a wonderful week and think on Christ in all that you do. Find those miracles ever day because they are always there! Lobi!

~Elder Burr

 Baptism! Edmund looks so fly! :) 

 Quite possibly the most beautiful tie that you've ever seen!

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