Monday, May 2, 2016


Hello everyone! Hoe gaat het met jullie?! Life here is awesome and very, VERY wet! It basically rained non stop like crazy this whole week and enitre streets were underwater! Craziness! Gotta love Suriname though because this is the best place on Earth! The people are so awesome!

We had a really good week! Very very wet this week and I have been almost 24/7 drenched this week. Pretty intense but at least it's not so hot all the time anymore (except today. It's super hot right now...). Yeah we had our baptism on Saturday which was so cool! There were 4 people getting baptized, Raisa, another person from Paramaribo, a girl from Commewijne and a man from Wanika! So so cool and it was a HUGE and very spiritual baptism. So awesome! Loved it! They all did so great, the talks were awesome and they all got baptized on the first time. So awesome!

Ivaldo tried to scare us with that as well! He was supposed to baptize Raisa and at 5 when the baptism was supposed to start he was no where to be found! We called him and he said he was waiting for a bus at home which was decently far away so we panicked! Then Edmund told us to tell him to take his brom and head here so at 5:15 he finally showed up and we were able to get started. Gave us a heart attack though! Great kid though!

 Of course the baptism was awesome as all baptisms are so that was a huge highlight! Also Elvira is now living with Edmund forever now which is such a huge miracle! So happy for them and to see that family come together. It's such a miracle! We had some really cool lessons with the Draaibas family and also with one of our investigators named Stefani. They are progressing well and we just have to get them to church now! Hoping that next week they'll come. One also cool thing has been teaching Astrid again. She is loving the gospel, has started reading again every day and wants to get baptized. She's so great and we're excited for her to progress. Things are going well and I'm loving Paramaribo South! Best area ever! Things are going awesome and we hope to find some more cool people this week. It was also Edmund's birthday this last Saturday! He's 40 woot woot! So we brought him a pie and went over and he made us some awesome Roti for us with chicken! Lekker lekker lekker! (Tasty)!

That was some highlights for us this week! Looking forward to Mothers Day and to keep on working here! I absolutely love Suriname and am so grateful to be a missionary! No where else I'd rather be! I love you all and hope that you have a great week! You're the best! Lobi!

~Elder Burr
  My view in the morning.
 Lots of rain!!

 Edmund and Elvira - some of my favorite people! 
 Baptism again.
A few lofzang books!

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