Monday, June 19, 2017

Paramaribo South!

Hey everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful week again this past week! Elders Lewis, Hardy and Christianson are all now home which is crazy and we miss them here, but we know that they gave their all! 

I had a crazy week this week. Transfer day was on Wednesday, so Elder Ruegger went to Wanika with Elder Buehler and I was back in Paramaribo South with Elder Dubbeld and Elder Hunt. Elder Geigenmiller didn't come in until last night at like 8 PM so I was in a trio in Paramaribo for the week. It was super fun to be back in my old area though and it was a blast seeing all of the members at church on Sunday! It was especially great to see Broeder and Suster Nille, some of my favorite members in that area. Church was just great and there were many spiritual talks given about faith and about having spiritual experiences. Way cool. Some of the highlights of the week though were definitely a lesson that we had on Tuesday with a new person named Consuella. We talked about God with her and some of the experiences that she had with the church in the past, and she's super willing to come to church and to do things, so we're really excited. The Dunnan family is also doing great and are just making more and more progress and they're coming back to church! Those were most of the highlights and we also got to do service for the Wangsa family and they're also working on coming back to church which is also super exciting. Good things are happening and I'm very excited to be back in my area finally! It should be great working with Elder Geigenmiller again and we're making some good plans for this transfer. Bring it on!

That's all that I've got this week! Continue reading the scriptures and praying always and the Lord will help you in all that you do! God loves you!

~Elder Burr
 Elder Ruegger's package exploded1

 Fajitas we made
Elder Crawford, Elder Burr, & Elder Ruegger


 Elder Burr, Elder Hunt and Elder Dubbeld doing service

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