Monday, June 5, 2017

Zo Veel Wonderen!

Hey everyone! We saw a lot of miracles this week and things are just awesome here in Suriname. Love it here and I'm loving my mission!

We had a good week this week filled with opportunities to serve and to build more relationships with more people. On Thursday, we had the opportunity to go clean out a warehouse where our bike person works. He's expanding his shop and he needed a lot of help in cleaning things up and stuff so we all went and helped out and there was a TON of work. We're mostly done, but are going to finish it this week (I forwarded some pictures). We also got to help out the Nazir family. We've been trying to find ways to build our relationship with them and get the grandfather back and they needed help making cement and placing cement for a driveway that they were making and they asked us for our help! So we had the opportunity to spend some time with them and to build that relationship a ton which was awesome. They invited us over for lunch for tomorrow so we are also really excited about that. He also said while we were talking with him that he wants to come back to church so that was super awesome! We had some pretty good lessons with people this week and one sweet lesson and cool miracle was that we had the opportunity to teach this lady named Maureen who is from the Netherlands. She was super open to our message and while we were getting to know her, she mentioned that she had a student that she taught in the Netherlands that is a member of our church! And that student is in the branch that we are serving in! I highly doubt that that was a coincidence and we are super excited for her. She said that she's coming to church this week so that is also super exciting. Sunday was also just great. So many people just went up to bear their testimonies and there was a common theme on the importance of the Book of Mormon and of reading daily. The members are just really stepping up and consecrating themselves more and it's been so cool to see. Last miracle was on Sunday as well. We were going to teach this person named Marcinio who is on a baptismal date, and he was walking with someone that looked familiar. As she turned around, it was Elvira! Someone that I baptized and the little sister of Ivaldo. No one had been able to find her for so long and it was so cool that the Lord had me in the area and in that specific place to find her. She was having a rough time, but we were able to give her a Book of Mormon again and set up an appointment. It was so cool and such a spiritual experience for me. Good things are happening!

Elder Lewis, Elder Christianson, Elder Hardy and Zuster Vernes are all going home next week so I'll miss them a lot, but they served wonderful, honorable missions! They're awesome!

Hope that you all have a wonderful week and continue to draw close to the Savior!

~Elder Burr
 Also some cool pictures from an old war base!

 Some of my favorite missionaries: Elder Lewis, Elder Christianson and Elder Hardy
 Foto's!! From the service at Vincent's bike shop

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