Monday, June 26, 2017

Teaching Visits and the Spirit!

Hey everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful week this past week! You all deserve it! 

We've had a great transfer so far. The teaching together has been very unified and we're seeing some cool success and some very spiritual lessons. Way cool to see and we're very excited for this area. Some cool successes this week were definitely in the teaching visits that we were able to do with the elders in Koewarasan and in Wanica North. It was great being with them and being able to teach with them and learn from them. Hopefully we were able to help them out a bit as well. The coolest part of those visits that we went on were the reviews that we did at the end of the visits. They were just filled with the Spirit and it was truly an uplifting experience for everyone. The Spirit definitely guided the words and helped us all learn together about what we could do to become better teachers. We also had a super spiritual lesson with a less active member that is named Donny. We were able to talk to him about God and truly see what he believes about God. He has a strong faith in Him and Donny said that he felt that something was missing in his life. He is kinda going to church, but not really reading the scriptures and saying his prayers. So I felt prompted to share D&C 64:33 with him about the importance of doing the small and simple things. He really enjoyed that and we all felt the Spirit and were able to make a plan with him to read every day. Pretty awesome! One other lesson that went really well was with the Aroeman family that is working on coming back to church. We were talking about repentance and how to repent and we were all learning from the Spirit and then out of no where, the father said that he really wants to come back to church and to have a calling again and they all expressed similar thoughts. So awesome to see the change in people as they remember spiritual experiences that they once had. Very good week and we're really looking forward to this week as well! Elder Geigenmiller is great!
One other cool thing that happened this week is that branch conference happened yesterday and it was AWESOME. The theme was the Holy Ghost and the lessons given and the talks given were just so inspired and great. I think my favorite thing from it was when Elder Crawford shared 2 Nephi 32:5 and focused on the part that says that "the Holy Ghost will tell us all things that we can DO." We need to act on the impressions that we receive. If we feel like doing something good, it probably came from the Spirit. I encourage you all to act on those promptings that you receive each and every day. You all are awesome! Love you all and have a wonderful week!

~Elder Burr

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