Monday, July 3, 2017


Hey everyone and happy Fourth of July! I hope that you all had a wonderful week and are continuing to have many spiritual experiences! You all are amazing and inspire me a lot as well.

We had a great week this past week and we really worked hard this week and had some really cool experiences from it. We went on one teaching visit this week and that was in Commewijne with Elder Ricks and Elder Masina. I was with Elder Ricks and we had some really cool experiences with some of the people that we talked to and with the lessons that we taught. One of the lessons was with an investigator family and we talked about the Atonement and it was just very well taught and the Spirit was strongly felt. The family really has the desire to do what is right and that's pretty special. We also found out that a member family lives in our area that we did not know about so we got to go by them and get to know them a bit and found out their story. They had a ton of faith and only two years after being members, they served a senior couple mission in Suriname! So cool! Also, while they were serving that mission, D Todd Christofferson (before he was an apostle), came and visited Suriname and stayed at their house! He also wrote in their Book of Mormon which was so cool to see! Pretty crazy stuff. One of the coolest lessons that we had this week was with an investigator named Sybrano that we haven't been able to see for a while. We went back though to see what he still remembered and he remembered a ton about the Book of Mormon and about the message and has a true desire to act. Very spiritual lesson and we're just trying to help him get to church now. The best thing this week though is the members. They are stepping up and are doing so well! They're doing their home teaching, having their meetings, and we had a meeting with them where we brought up an idea to have the branch pray for baptisms and they're all in on it and now everyone is praying for baptisms and is super excited about missionary work! So cool to see and it's really fun to work with them all.

Today we had a really fun activity where we played some volleyball, basketball and kickball and had a fourth of July party with all the missionaries in Suriname! It was a blast and it was really fun playing some volleyball again! I need some practice though haha ;)

Something that I've really come to learn lately is the importance of being positive in all circumstances and is really looking for good in people. When we look for good, we will always find it. I know that as we look for good in those around us, we will have more peace in our lives and more happiness in general. You all are wonderful and I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

~Elder Burr
 4th of July - Suriname Missionaries

 A little bit of Suriname and where we spend a lot of time ;)

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