Monday, July 10, 2017

Wonderen en wonderen!

Hey everyone! It's been an awesome week with so many cool experiences and the work is going great here. I'm grateful for the time that I have on my mission and my life has been changed forever because of it. If any of you are thinking about going on missions, just do it. You'll never regret it!

We had a crazy week this past week! We had two teaching visits with Elder's White and Wittaw in Wanica Central and Elder's Smith and Nickel in Wanica South. Those visits went great and are always such spiritual experiences that we love. It's so fun to be with them and have the Spirit there to testify of the things that we can do to help them. It's so cool, it's not like we are there to judge them or criticize them, but to help them out and then the Spirit is there and there is so much unity and humility. It's been awesome. We also had zone conference on Thursday which was awesome. We talked all about teaching and ways to become a better teacher. Elder Geigenmiller and I had a big part in it in teaching everyone how to plan more effectively and to truly teach all of the doctrine. We also had the opportunity to do a role play where we taught Elder and Sister Crawford (they were being investigators) about the Pre-Earth life in the Plan of Salvation. It went better than we would've thought and the Lord truly was leading that role play. We were just there, but the words that came out of our mouths came from God. I know that without a doubt. Elder Geigenmiller and I also on Friday decided to kneel down together to see what we could accomplish in these last few weeks that I have and I'll just say that we are pumped and are more excited about missionary work than we have ever been on our missions. We feel that this is what it truly means to be lost in the work. Pretty special and these last few weeks are going to be very special. Also on Saturday night, we taught Brother Nazir's nephew for the first time (he's 22) and Brother Nazir taught with us and it was awesome. So much unity in what was being taught and Tristan seems like he's super prepared. We're excited. Oh yeah, also on Friday night we had a meeting with the leaders of the branch about the branch mission plan and that was the most spirit filled meeting that I have ever been a part of. As Brother Nazir said in the meeting, "this is the time for the Tammenga branch. If we let this time go, we WILL regret it." The entire leaders of the branch are on fire and we truly believe that this is the time for this branch. It's about to explode and we are all working together. It's so exciting! Those were some highlights of our week and we also found someone super cool named Rick that went on the church website and requested a Book of Mormon. He's awesome. The work is going forward! Bring it on!

So many things are going well and it's all thanks to God! God truly is so great and I'm grateful to be a missionary. Just remember that we are all missionaries and ask yourselves the question: "What more can I do to be a missionary or to magnify my calling?" I promise that the Lord will tell you what you need to do.

You all are awesome and I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

~Elder Burr
 Elder Hunt, Elder Burr & Elder Buehler
 Elder Burr & Elder Ruegger
 Our garage that we organized!

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